BIRCHBOX Beauty Review: April 2018

It’s Birchbox time again! ♥

I was super excited to receive my Birchbox this month after discovering that they’d collaborated with Cath Kidston. The products from this brand are so pretty and I knew the box would be a gorgeous design… I was correct! I spent a good couple of weeks trying out each of the products (some even on a daily basis) in order to give the best review possible!

I’ll leave links to each of the products I received at the bottom of the post for you to find and shop! If you’d like to sign up for a Birchbox subscription, you can click here.


The box has been granted its own special place on my bedroom dresser because it’s just so lovely and girly. That’s the great thing about Birchbox; even when you’ve sampled the products, you can still find a use for the box as storage or presentation (e.g. makeup brush holder, jewellery box).

I made a point to avoid discovering any spoilers this month and succeeded, which I was very proud of. I usually give in and check to see which products I have a chance of receiving, but I resisted the urge and allowed my delivery to be a complete surprise (besides choosing the highlighter colour I wanted)!


The first product included in my Birchbox was the exclusive Cath Kidston hand cream. The packaging, like the box, has a pretty floral feminine design and is a perfect size for an everyday handbag.

The product itself has a fresh, floral smell that isn’t too overpowering and applies nicely. It dries reasonably quickly and I’d say it does leave my hands feeling somewhat smoother. I wouldn’t pay too much money for this, which is lucky, as it’s fairly priced at £2.50!

Would I purchase this? I have a lot of hand creams stored away that I use but, if I did run out, I’d probably purchase this one as a handbag or work-drawer hand cream. I wouldn’t say it was specifically targeted for a skin issue such as dry skin – it’s more of a standard, everyday hand cream to smooth skin and give it a lovely smell.


I also received the Model Co baked blush/highlighter in moonshine.

The sample size was much smaller than I expected so it’s not ideal if you like to highlight using a larger brush – however my brush is a good size so I was able to apply easily. Like the hand cream, it’s a good size to keep in a travel makeup bag as most full-size highlighters can be quite big!

This month, each subscriber could choose the shade they would like to receive and I chose moonshine because it looked natural and feminine.


I was very excited to try it as it was exactly the kind of blush/highlighter shade I like to use for a subtle makeup look. I applied it as a highlight with a brush and found that it gave a really lovely shine.

The shimmer in the product reflects the light well so I’m not sure I’d use this as a blusher – I prefer a matte colour for my cheeks to avoid my whole face looking too shimmery (and I’m also very dedicated to my Bourjois blush).

Would I purchase this? I would! I’m yet to find a highlighter that I absolutely fall in love with, but I’d be happy wearing this. It’s perfect for my work ‘no makeup’-makeup look and isn’t too pink, despite the appearance.


My April Birchbox also included the AfterSpa Magic makeup remover cloth. I hadn’t used anything like this before to remove my makeup because I was unsure as to whether they actually worked. I was therefore happy to receive this as it gave me the chance to try one out!

I purposely waited until I had a full face of makeup to remove after a night out so that I could test out the full effect of the cloth. Firstly, it is SUPER soft and therefore great for even the most sensitive skin. My facial makeup came off easily with a few wipes and my lipstick followed just as easily. When it came to mascara, I gently held the warm cloth over my lashes to soften the product, and then swept down over my eyelids. A LOT of black came off which was good to see! After a few more gentle wipes over my lashes I’d successfully removed all of the product and was very impressed.

Although I have a number of eye-makeup removers that are non-irritating and gentle, this is clearly the least irritating method possible as it uses a soft cloth and some warm water. It’s as gentle as it gets!

Would I purchase this? Absolutely. One cloth can last up to 1,000 washes, so I’ve got quite some time with my sample, however I can see myself purchasing another one in the future. It’s a great price for a product that lasts so long! I might have to invest in one of these to keep at my boyfriend’s house, too, as it’s so easy to store and only requires a tap!


Percy & Reed’s Wonder Balm was also included in my Birchbox – this brand seems to appear every single month which isn’t fantastic but I still gave the product a go.

The first thing I did upon opening the cap (as I’m sure most of you do, too) was to smell the product. The first impression is very important! I personally wasn’t a fan of the smell – it didn’t have much of a scent, but the little scent it did have wasn’t to my liking.

Having said that, smell isn’t everything, so I still went ahead and tried it out on towel dried hair. I applied it to my lengths and ends and I don’t often like to apply product onto my roots after showering – my hair easily becomes oily. After drying and styling, I did notice that my hair felt a fair bit smoother than it usually does. The product had done a good job to soften my lengths and so I was pretty pleased.

Would I purchase this? This is a tricky one. The product did do a good job but I feel as though there could be another product on the market that does the same job and also has a much nicer smell.


The final product I received (and, in my opinion, the most exciting) was the Beautaniq Beauty brow gel.

I’d been keen to try out an eyebrow product like this for quite some time. My everyday brow products are usually a brow powder or the Benefit Goof-Proof brow pencil, however sometimes I prefer a more natural look.

The size of the Beautaniq gel (this came full size) is perfect for makeup bags and handbags – despite not looking very big, you need very little product so I think it’ll last me quite some time. The formula isn’t too wet and doesn’t overload the spoolie brush, which allows you to build up product easily. It’s also very easy to shape your brows with this, thanks to having the well-sized spoolie.

My sample came in the shade brown which I’ll use when I’m going for a fuller makeup look or want more intense brows, however I felt as though the blonde shade would be much more practical for everyday wear. I went ahead and purchased the blonde and I’ve completely fallen in love with it.

Would I purchase this? I already have! This is officially my new favourite brow product, which I was not expecting to say in a Birchbox review. I’d absolutely recommend it for those who have thin brows and want to add thickness whilst keeping them natural!


I have to say, I’ve been very impressed with this month’s Birchbox. Not only was the box design my favourite yet, but the products were very useful and accurately matched to my appearance and needs. I’d definitely urge you to check out the brow gel and makeup removing cloth!

I hope my review was useful and potentially persuaded you to either try out some of the products or sign up to a Birchbox subscription! It’s £10 a month and really useful if you’re wanting to discover some new makeup or skincare products/solutions. You can click here to be directed to the Birchbox sign-up page. If you’re still undecided, you can read my March box review here!

Comment below and let me know if there are any new favourites in your own makeup/skincare collections! I’d love to know what everybody else received in their own Birchboxes, too.


Lyndsey ♥


Products mentioned in this post:

Cath Kidston hand cream

AfterSpa Magic makeup cloth

Percy & Reed wonder balm

Model Co baked blush/highlighter

Beautaniq Beauty brow gel


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