Bondi Sands: How I Achieve My Golden Tan

Happy SPRING! ♥

I feel like I can finally say Spring has hit us due to the fact I wore something sleeveless outside today and didn’t freeze. Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons as you may already know if you’re familiar with my blog, however there is one thing I dread about the arrival of the season: I am SO pale and unprepared to show any extra skin.

I’m sure those of you who are frustratingly pale like me can relate to this and constantly ask yourself ‘how can I quickly get a tan that doesn’t look orange and fake?’.

I introduce my life-saving answer. Bondi Sands!


Thanks to my skin refusing to tan anywhere I go, I resorted to fake-tan products a few years ago. This, of course, requires much more effort than simply lying in the sun and everyone who fake-tans has a preference of method. Personally, I prefer a quick and easy at-home tan which is why I decided to try out Bondi Sands.

I discovered the brand thanks to a friend – I’d always been jealous of her natural tan and was shocked to find out she achieved it with a fake-tan product rather than the natural method of sunshine. I headed straight for the nearest Boots store and picked up my first product (of many). Although this stuff is not the cheapest on the market, many people swear by it and I soon became one of them.

After many attempts and a few failures, I eventually mastered each product and was able to achieve a gorgeous, natural-looking tan. Want to know how I do it? Ask no more.


The first step of my routine is to ensure my skin is exfoliated and my legs are shaved before tanning. This ensures all dead skin and hair is removed prior to application, so that the tan doesn’t streak and lasts as long as possible. Once this is done, I can choose the product I want to use! This all depends on the type of tan I want to have, and how much time I’ve got on my hands.

The light/medium tanning foam* is perfect for those who have pale skin and want a nice wash of natural colour. It creates a sun-kissed tone on your body without looking too intense. This product can be left on for up to 8 hours (I usually apply it before bed and then leave it to develop overnight before showering in the morning) therefore is perfect if you’ve got enough time and need the colour ready for the following day.

The 1-Hour Express tanning foam* is the newest of the range and does exactly what it says on the bottle: achieves a beautiful tan in very little time. How long you leave it on for depends on the colour you’re looking to achieve: for a light/medium tone, you only need to apply this for 30 minutes. For a dark tone (my preferred colour), leave on for 1 hour. This product is ideal for last minute plans or those who don’t want to risk any clothing stains whilst they wait nearly half a day.


After putting a small amount of moisturiser on my elbows and knees, I apply the foam in long, sweeping motions across my entire body with a tanning mitt. It dries very quickly so you don’t have a lot of time to spend rubbing it in – it’s easier to sweep across in lines to ensure you cover a big area, evenly.

Particularly in Bondi Sands’ 1-Hour Express, the guide colour (the colour of the product when you first apply it) is dark enough that it’s very easy to spot if you’ve missed any patches. I find that many other products don’t have a dark guide colour, so I always end up with a patchy tan at the end of the process!

A common difficulty with tanning this way is having to reach the middle area of your back. Unless you have super bendy arms, it’s virtually impossible to rub the product into your entire back without some help. If someone isn’t around to do it for me, I tend to use a hair brush instead. TOP TIP incoming: put your hair brush inside the tanning mitt and hold the handle whilst you sweep the flat back of the brush across your back! If you want an even easier method, Bondi Sands does actually sell a back applicator to help you apply on the hard-to-reach areas.



Once you’ve successfully covered your body in product, leave it on for as long as you find preferable. It can take a few attempts to figure out how long this is, but if you’re pale like me, I’d recommend 1 hour for the 1-Hour Express foam or overnight (8-9 hours) for the light/medium foam.

After 15 minutes of air-drying the tan, throw on some old, loose clothing if you’re wanting to continue going about your day. Have a read of your favourite book or make some breakfast/lunch!

Once the time is up, grab some old towels and head to the bathroom!


Time to get the guide colour completely washed off.

Ensure that the shower water is warm (but not too hot) and not in full-force. Wet your entire body (including hair if you’re wanting to wash that at the same time) and you’ll quickly notice the pale brown water rolling down your skin. Follow your routine as usual, but don’t apply any body wash/shower gel – the only thing that should be on your body is water.

Once you’re feeling ready to jump out of the shower, double check that the water is running clear – if so, you’re good to go!

Grab a towel for your hair if needed and then another for your body. This step is crucial – do not rub yourself dry! Pat down the necessary areas of your body and then leave the rest to air-dry. If you’re short on time, you can gently pat down your whole body. If you want to preserve your colour for as long as possible and avoid any patchiness/streaking, it’s important that you don’t rub a rough towel across it.


The final step of my tanning routine begins the following day. It’s super important to keep your skin as moisturised and hydrated as possible so that your skin colour is preserved for the maximum amount of time.

My favourite moisturiser to use is the Bondi Sands gradual tanning milk*. Like every other Bondi Sands product, it has a gorgeous coconut scent to it and is pleasant to apply. Not only does it gently hydrate your skin, it contributes to the tan and works alongside it – whilst your tan colour fades, the tan of the moisturiser builds up (so it looks as though nothing is changing at all!).

I apply this milk (with a tanning mitt) gently over my body each morning and it’s usually dry within a few minutes so that I can get dressed quickly and continue my morning routine. You could also apply it in the evening whilst getting ready for bed – it’s all down to preference.


If you’re not too fussed with the whole tanning and maintaining process, you can also use the everyday liquidgold tanning oil*. This works similarly to the moisturising milk; you apply it each day with a tanning mitt and within a few days you’ll notice a gorgeous golden colour on your skin. It’s probably the product I use most out of them all because it dries very quickly due to the fact it’s not a foam/lotion – it’s a dry-oil spray (I hate putting oil products on my skin but I assure you, this doesn’t feel oily at all).

If I know I’m going to have very little time at the weekend to follow my tanning routine, I’ll use this dry-oil each morning (I wouldn’t recommend using it at night if you’re impatient to get to bed and have white sheets…) and by the end of the week I’ll have a lovely tanned appearance.


That concludes my Bondi Sands tanning routine!

If you haven’t used the brand before, I hope I’ve persuaded you enough to give it a go (fyi this post is not sponsored, I just love the brand and would recommend it to anyone)!

Do comment below if you’ve found any of my tips helpful, or if you have some of you’re own you’d like to share! I’m always keen to discover new products and new ideas.


Lyndsey ♥


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