My Most-Used Shower & Bath Products

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I took to Twitter this week to find out which post you all wanted to read next on Lyndsonline. It was decided that today’s post would be based on my favourite shower and bath products!

Over time (I’m sure you can all relate to this) it’s very easy to build up a huge collection of bath body products because they’re a go-to birthday or Christmas present. You can find some really pretty sets from almost every brand and they do last you a while. Receiving these body sets helped me to discover some of my favourite brands and products which I now re-purchase time and time again. I’m excited to share my must-have items with you, because there is bound to be one to suit everybody!

As always, I will add a link for each product I mention at the bottom of the post so that you can find them yourselves – if you spot an item you fancy and can’t wait until the end, don’t worry. Each link will open up a new window so that you can browse and then flick back to where you left off!

Baylis & Harding Midnight Fig & Pomegranate 


I’ve used Baylis & Harding products for as long as I remember and I always love receiving gift sets from this brand. Not only do they look pretty, they always include attractive looking and smelling products.

The midnight fig & pomegranate range was first available as part of the Christmas set and I fell in love with it. The bottles from Baylis & Harding are always attractive and easy to store. Although the smaller sizes aren’t the most practical as you start to use the product up, they’re great for taking travelling both because of the size and because they seal well and never leak.


I use the shower creme and body wash constantly, as well as the hand cream before bed. They smell incredible and leave my skin feeling smooth afterwards. The scent is predominantly made up of dark fruits, berries and pomegranates to create a fruity, rich smell that hits you as soon as you open the bottle. If you read my Fragrance Favourites post, you’ll know I’m a big fan of fruity, floral scents which is why I love this range so much.

Unfortunately not all of the range was continued to be sold after Christmas, however you can still pick up some of the full sets online (which are also in the sale!).  Scroll to the bottom of this post to find my picks.

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle


This body moisturiser by Sanctuary Spa is genius. It’s the quickest and most practical way to moisturise after a shower that I’ve ever found and I don’t plan on stopping my usage of this any time soon. It’s also vegan-friendly which is always an added bonus.

The wonderful thing about this product is that it can be applied on wet skin directly after a shower. You simply switch the water off, reach for your Moisture Miracle and rub it in all over your body. Your skin is at its peak hydration when it’s wet so this ‘miracle’ is super effective and softening. As your body dries, the moisturiser dries with it so you do have to have the patience to air-dry the majority of your body.

It comes in particularly handy if you use fake-tanning products or go for spray tans. It’s very important to moisturise after showering when you’ve fake-tanned to keep moisture in your skin and stop the colour from streaking and/or fading. It’s also advised that you don’t rub a towel across your skin to dry after showering, but instead allow your body to air-dry – so this moisturiser fits hand-in-hand with the routine! If you’ve spent hours waiting for tanning foam/lotion to set in, the last thing you want to do is spend even more time waiting for your skin to dry and then gently apply moisturiser. Hit two birds with one stone, as they say! (Not literally, I’m a huge animal-lover, I promise).

Molten Brown


I am a huge Molton Brown fan – pictured is the most recent set I tried out and absolutely loved. It came with a gorgeous pink wash bag which fits all of the little bottles inside it. Very handy.

Again, the packaging and design on their products are always very attractive and they look like high-end, good quality items. There are so many similar ‘body’ brands out there nowadays that have almost identical-appearing products, but it’s what’s inside that counts… Molton Brown is definitely up there with my ultimate favourites.


These gels, washes and lotions are some of my favourite picks from Molton Brown’s collection.

The Gingerlily body wash and lotion scent is one I find quite calming. It contains ginger oil, tuberose and cedarwood (which I’m a big fan of) with white lily extract. It’s an acquired smell but it’s one that I personally love. I don’t think I’ll buy the hand wash in this scent but it’s definitely a lovely fragrance for your body.

The Rhubarb and Rose gel and lotion have a gorgeous fragrance to them. You can instantly smell grapefruit which is what attracts me to this one the most – a lot of my favourite perfumes have grapefruit in their top note! It also contains rhubarb leaf, rose and vanilla which all combine to create a subtle and feminine smell that lasts. I would recommend this one to any girly-girl like me to try first!

Nivea Rich Moisture Shower Cream*


Nivea very kindly sent me this shower cream to try out a while ago and I absolutely loved using it. I use it every time I shower because it leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother than any shower cream I’ve tried before. It’s a much more luxurious shower experience and you feel pampered even after drying your skin.

It has a fresh, subtle fragrance to it, meaning that it’s perfect if you prefer a shower cream that doesn’t have a strong scent. It’s gentle and applies onto wet skin almost like a moisturiser. In fact, it is very moisturising thanks to the glycerin included in the ingredients (Top Tip: always look for glycerin in your moisturisers – if it’s not included in the ingredients, it’s barely going to hydrate your skin at all).


It seems to be lasting me ages despite using it for weeks. The rest of my family seem to have taken a liking to it, too!

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, particularly those with dry skin who want a little extra moisture during their shower or bath routine.

AVON Skin so Soft body wash


If you’re not familiar with AVON, it’s a beauty, skincare and (recently) lifestyle brand which is sold through representatives (similar to Tropic, if you read my last post about their skincare set). It sells some of my favourite skincare and makeup products, all at amazing prices that don’t break the bank.

AVON’s Skin so Soft creamy body wash is very similar to Nivea’s soft shower cream. It’s a thick white formula which lathers well and applies smoothly onto wet skin. I think both are pretty much on-par with each other.

It has more of a scent to it but it’s still a subtle and fresh fragrance that does well to wake me up and calm me. It also includes shea butter which is known for not only moisturising skin, but healing it (such as blemishes, bites, itching and sunburn) – ideal in a body wash!

Cowshed blissful range


I treated my Mum to this Cowshed set for her birthday because we’re both such a fan of their products. These are suitable for all skin types and, importantly, vegan!

The packaging is so beautiful that I’d actually keep the bottles on display. It looks as though it holds a good quality, natural product inside. The set pictured actually includes a ‘lippy cow’ lip balm as well.

The scent of these blissful body products is feminine and relaxing. It contains ylang ylang, rose and lavendar which combine to create a sweet and floral fragrance. The lotion and body wash also contain shea and cocoa butters which, as mentioned, work wonders for your skin.

Both products apply smoothly to my skin and leave a lasting smell of lavendar and blossom, which I think is lovely! Cowshed are definitely a brand to try if you haven’t already.

Laura Ashley Body Polisher


For times when I need a more intense treatment, I like to use the Laura Ashley body polisher to exfoliate my skin. It contains natural salt crystals which remove any dead skin from your body and leave it feeling super smooth. I usually apply this product in the bath when I can rub it in and relax.

The pot is covered in a pretty blue floral design – I love it so much that I can’t hide it away. It sits on my windowsill by the shower and adds a gorgeous pop of colour to the bathroom.


I apply the polisher to wet skin on my arms, back and legs, massaging it in to make sure the salt crystals exfoliate as much as possible. When washed off, my skin is left feeling soft and smooth before even adding any lotion or moisturisers.

The pot opening is big enough to be able to remove all of the product (I hate pots that are tiny and make it impossible to scrape out the last bits of product) and lasts a very long time as well, as it’s not something you use every day!

That brings my list of most-used shower and bath products to a close! It’s really easy to get your hands on all of these items and they work really well for my skin. Most of them aren’t ridiculously expensive, either!

Do give this post a like if you enjoyed reading about my favourite products and comment below if you’ve tried any of these, or have tried some others that you simply couldn’t live without!

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Lyndsey ♥

Products mentioned in this post:

Baylis & Harding:
Hand Wash
Body Set

Sanctuary Spa moisture miracle

Molton Brown*:
Pink Pepperpod body wash
Pink Pepperpod body lotion
Gingerlily body wash
Gingerlily body lotion
Rhubarb and Rose body lotion

Nivea moisture soft shower cream

AVON Skin so Soft range

Cowshed blissful body lotion


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