Tropic Skincare REVIEW: The award-winning vegan, natural & cruelty-free brand

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This week I was VERY kindly given some Tropic skincare products to test. If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s well known for being vegan, cruelty-free and full of natural ingredients.


Tropic was originally created via The Apprentice (a popular UK business management competitive show featuring Lord Sugar) and the brand allows people to set up a mini business in their own home, much like Avon. There are over 8,000 distributors (or ambassadors) including one of my good friends who was able to supply me with these beautiful products to test!

Tropic has won a huge array of awards, such as the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2017, Best Business Award 2016 and the Beauty Shortlist Awards Winner 2017. I was super excited to try out their products and see if they really live up to my expectations and the reviews I’d read!

ABC SKINCARE Collection £52

I tried out the famous ABC Skincare collection, which sells for £52 along with a free ‘Face Smooth‘ polish. I absolutely love the packaging on Tropic’s products – it’s simple, easy to read and very practical. Just by looking at the colours and design on the bottle, you can tell it’s likely to be promoting a natural, kind-to-skin product (which it is!). The effort and detail has gone into the product rather than the packaging, which is why the brand is so popular.

I was also gifted a luxury bamboo cloth to use with the cleanser and a branded headband which turned out to be very useful. It allowed me to completely rid my face of any loose hairs and also stop my hair from getting wet (in cases where I’d already styled or dried it).

Complexion Purifier & Bamboo Cloth £16

Step of the routine features the Smoothing Cleanser complexion purifier, which contains green tea extract and eucalyptus oils. I was excited to try this because the application is exactly the same as my favourite Liz Earle cleanser.

I dispensed two pumps of cream (very practical as there’s therefore no mess/wasted product around the top of the container) into my hands and then massaged it over the whole of my face. Thanks to the calming, natural ingredients, you can even rub this lightly over your eyes to remove eye makeup. The product acts as both a makeup remover and cleanser which is definitely a saviour on lazy days.

When massaged into my skin, I dampened the antibacterial bamboo cloth in warm water and used it to polish the cream off of my face. The cloth was gentle and removed all of the product easily, whilst buffing away any dead skin cells on my skin.

How cute is the headband? I had to pull my hair-bun up to avoid looking like an actual egg.

After completing the first step of the routine, I was happy with how my skin felt and there was absolutely no redness or irritation on the sensitive areas – it was clean and smooth!

If you’ve got a fair amount of makeup on, you can apply the cream and rinse it off, then apply it again and follow the same steps with the bamboo cloth.


I then began Step B which involved the Vitamin Toner pore refining mist. Anything that involves clearing and tightening pores is something I’m willing to have a go at, because my pores are quite enlarged and I have an oily skin type.

The thing I love most about this toner is how EASY it is to use. The top of the bottle is a sprayer and you can literally spray this all over your face and allow it to sink in (or remove it with a cotton pad if you’re not patient enough!). This means you can spritz a refreshing, healthy mist over your face and neck  at any time of day, not just during your skincare routine.

Tropic vitamin toner
spray spray spray… Vitamin Toner £14

I’d recommend this Vitamin Toner even by itself. My skin felt and SMELT lovely after spraying this – it contains aloe vera juice and vitamin C, two ingredients perfect for skincare. The scent smells so fresh and, again, the product overall didn’t irritate my skin one bit.

Skin Revive nourishing cream £22

Finally, I began Step CThe Skin Revive cream concentrate acts as an intensive moisturiser (without feeling intense on your skin). It’s absolutely packed with fruit, flower and seed extracts which aim to ‘hydrate, protect and nourish your skin’. 

I dispensed one pump onto my hand and quickly realised it was a thick moisturiser. I am very loyal to my Clinique moisture surge moisturiser because of its gel-like, light texture. Therefore, I was hesitant to try this Tropic cream as I’m not normally a fan of thick creams purely because they dry much quicker and don’t feel as smooth and hydrating on my face.

However, I gave Skin Revive a go and found that it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. It was thick, but didn’t dry too quickly and, like the toner, had a really fresh smell. It spread across my face nicely and I realised a small amount goes a very long way (making it worth the price, too!). After a little while my face certainly felt smooth and I was pretty pleased with the overall result. I don’t think I’d use the nourishing cream on my dry-skin days, but it’s still something I’d recommend if you like a nice, creamy moisturiser at night-time.


That rounds up my ABC Skincare trial!

In summary, I definitely think Tropic is a skincare-routine contender and I’m definitely going to invest in at least the Vitamin Toner as it’s so useful and refreshing. I absolutely love how full every product is of kind-to-skin, natural ingredients and can fully understand why it has won so many awards.

You can click here to find Tropic’s makeup, skincare, body care and hair care products!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I loved creating it – ‘like’ this post if you want to see some more specific-product reviews on my blog!


Lyndsey ♥


All images in this post were taken by or created by myself. The products mentioned in this post were supplied to me to test, however all opinions are completely my own. Any affiliate links in this post are marked with a ‘*’. To read my full disclaimer, visit the ‘About Me’ tab at the top of my site.


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