The Best Designer Dupes on the High Street

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I hope those who celebrated all had the most wonderful Easter weekend this year. Besides filling my face with chocolate and spending quality time with those most important to me, I managed to find some time to finish a blog post I’ve been working on recently.

If you’re like me, you’ll understand the frustration when it comes to wanting high-quality designer fashion pieces with a low-budget bank account. The prices for high-end products are ever-increasing and it’s near impossible to keep up with the latest trends sweeping through the stores. As you finally save up enough money and purchase the designer item you’ve been dreaming about, another latest and greatest trend jumps in and replaces it, meaning you have to start all over again.

Luckily, high-street and online retailers have cottoned on to this and have begun creating very similar products at much more affordable prices. These products, know as ‘dupes’ or ‘replicas’ aren’t necessarily the same luxurious quality but they look almost identical and get the job done ok. I’ve put together a small list of my favourite designer pieces alongside their matching high-street duplicates, in order to help out you bargain-hunting fashion trendsetters!

Ted Baker bow detail jumper

ted baker bow jumper
Ted Baker bow detail jumper £110

As you may know if you follow my blog, I’m a huge Ted Baker fan and I fell in love with this jumper the moment I laid eyes on it. It has flattering splits right the way down each sleeve, which are joined by pretty little bows. Unfortunately, due to the brand and also the cashmere within the material, the price tag isn’t so beautiful.

ted baker dupe
Dorothy Perkins bow sleeve top £18

During a quick scroll through Dorothy Perkins sale the other day, I came across this pretty pink jumper which clearly was created to duplicate the Ted Baker style. It, too, features splits down each sleeve which are joined by little pink bows.

Although this version doesn’t include a cashmere blend, it’s a pretty great bargain alternative and is still a reasonably soft material. It’s almost £100 lower in price so a perfect way to implement a Ted Baker-like style without splashing out!

Gucci Brixton leather loafers

gucci loafers
Gucci brixton horsebit loafers £540

These leather loafers by Gucci are right on-trend and are clearly very high in quality. Each shoe features two gold links joined by a bar across the middle of the tongue. It’s a very simple design but, being a Gucci shoe, they obviously have a crazy price tag.

H&M black loafers gucci dupe
H&M loafers £19.99

Meet H&M’s alternative. The inspiration for these leather-look loafers clearly came from the famous Gucci design. Not only that, they also come in a light pink and white shade, just like Gucci.

The shape and design of the body of the shoe is pretty much identical to its high-end twin, so it’s only fair that H&M edit the gold detailing slightly. A brand like that wouldn’t get away with a straight-up replica. The gold rings joined with the black piece of material across the shoe still look attractive and so I think these are a great way to include some Gucci-like style in your wardrobe. H&M shoes are also very comfy, in my opinion, so the only downside to these is that they’re not made of genuine leather.

Chloe Faye shoulder bag

chloe faye bag
Chloe Faye small shoulder bag £930

This Chloe Faye small shoulder bag is absolutely gorgeous. I’m constantly scrolling through the Chloe website and adding everything I fall into love with to my bag, only to see a horribly large figure staring at me on the checkout screen and closing the page (cry). The super-high price tags on Chloe bags are based upon the face that you’re getting the best quality possible, from the body of the bag to each minor detail attached to it. If you can save hard for this beauty, it’ll last you a lifetime (or near enough).

amazon chloe faye bag dupe
Actlure leather shoulder bag $84.99

Actlure went ahead and created a straight-out copy of the Chloe Faye bag without batting an eye. This bag is so similar I actually had to double check I wasn’t looking at the real thing at first. It features the same half-smooth, half-suede effect and is still made from real leather (hence the slightly pricier cost which is still pennies compared to the price of Chloe). The gold ring is clasped by a gold clip and chain and the name of the brand is even in exactly the same place.

Gucci Dionysus bag

gucci dionysus
Gucci Dionysus bag £625

The Gucci Dionysus velvet bag is absolutely stunning and comes in a range of colours. The tiger-style statement on the front is so detailed and is influenced by the Greek god Dionysus (if you’re unsure as to who that is; myth states he crossed the river Tigris on a tiger). It’s covered in Swarovski crystals which contribute heavily to the price of this bag. It’s mini size, too.

gucci bag dupe
Green velvet mini bag £20

I think it’s safe to say this Miss Pap bag is nothing but a copy of the Dionysus bag.  The colour is similar, the chain is pretty much identical and the detail on the front is exactly the same shape. Although it doesn’t feature the same Swarovski crystals, it’s still got a nice design on it to create a fancy textured look.

Hermès Oran sandals

hermes oran sandals
Hermes Oran sandal £485

These Hermès sandals are so gorgeous and look perfect for taking away on a sunny summer holiday. The sole is pure leather, so it’s guaranteed that these will be super comfy to wear around. I’m in love with the look of them, however I’m not so in love with the price tag that comes along too!

hermes dupe
Shein cutout design sandals £18

The master of all dupes makes an appearance. Shein have created an almost identical copy of the Oran sandals and I am loving them. They’re probably not quite as comfy but still look gorgeous and I’d probably have picked these up in any shop had I seen them. The quality still looks great and the price is incredible.

Woman by Common Projects trainers

woman trainers
Woman by Common Project achilles £289

*These trainers are a gorgeous blush colour and add statement to any outfit. I really love statement shoes because they draw attention and brighten up the dullest of clothes. I particularly love anything in a pastel shade!

The uppers, lining and sole are all genuine leather, making these shoes super high in quality and comfort. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, stylish pair of trainers then I’d say it was worth forking out for these. If not, no problem. There are plenty of similar sneakers out there.

H&M platform trainers £19.99

H&M save the day yet again. Similarly to the Gucci dupe, these trainers are subtely replicating the Common Project design. They feature a silver text outlined on the body of the shoe and are a very similar pastel colour.

Although not leather, these still look pretty comfy and are a great way to incorporate high-end style into your wardrobe without having to scrape your bank account dry. You can find dupes for the real thing in many retail stores/sites, however the H&M pair are my personal favourite yet as I think they’re feminine and stylish.

That rounds up my list of favourite designer dupes! I love finding them because it means you can create an on-trend wardrobe for a very affordable price – who doesn’t love a bargain? Some of the dupes featured on this post are actually on sale, too, so grab them quick as I’m certain they will sell out!

Do give this post a like if you enjoyed reading, and let me know what you thought of my personal pics or if you know of any other designer dupes worth mentioning!


Lyndsey ♥


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