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March Favourites: Beauty & Fashion

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Firstly, I do apologise for being unable to post during the week. I’ve had a very busy time at work and have been working super hard to create my March Favourites. Unfortunately the weather has been absolutely miserable recently, so I couldn’t get outside to take beautiful photos… however, I tried my hardest to create the content and wasn’t prepared to let it delay uploading any further!

So, I bring you my favourite beauty, fashion and other purchases from the past month. I’ve loved using each of these products and really want to share my recommendations and opinions with you!

Each product will be linked at the bottom of this post so that you can find them yourselves. Enjoy!

Beauty Favourites

1 Too Faced lip injection extreme


I purchased this Too Faced lip gloss in Sephora’s Paris store because I was genuinely intrigued as to how it would make my lips look. I have quite small lips so anything that will create a fuller, plumper look is something I’m willing to have a go at.

Besides the super pretty packaging, lip injection is a really great product. The miniature size fits perfectly into any bag which is really handy – my handbags are heavy enough as it is, so I don’t like taking too many makeup products out with me. The applicator tip is a great size, too. Although I prefer having big applicators, I wouldn’t want this one to be any bigger as you’re not supposed to get the product onto your skin. It’s easy to line the edges of your lips with this.


The lip injection is pretty much just a gloss, which creates a really lovely effect on my lips. At first, you do begin to feel a slight tingling sensation which did put me off of using it initially. Once I felt the full tingling I wiped it off because I didn’t feel comfortable at all. However, I eventually tried it again this month and allowed the sensation to continue for around 10 minutes. When I looked in the mirror, I was amazed! My lips looked bigger (but still natural) and had enhanced the actual colour of them, too. They looked like a gorgeous, healthy pink which meant I didn’t have to use any other products on my lips to reach the colour I wanted!

img_0384Although this picture did have a snapchat filter on it, you can see just how pink and healthy my lips appeared after applying this Too Faced gloss. I was so impressed and I use this all the time if I don’t want to apply a lipstick.

I would definitely recommend this product! Not only can you use it by itself but you can also apply it over your lipstick too. It’s a multi-functional life-saver!

You can pick it up for £22 ♥

2 Clinique 3-step skincare pack


As shown on my Instagram, this lovely Clinique set arrived in the post a little while ago. I am a HUGE fan of Clinique’s skincare products because they seem to actually do the job and they don’t waste time on fancy packaging or ridiculous pricing. Although the prices aren’t cheap cheap, I think you do get exactly what you pay for in terms of the quality and satisfaction.

I decided to try out this 3-step skincare set because I was in need of a new moisturiser and toner anyway. You can choose which set you receive based on your skin type, so I chose the one suited to oily skin. Every night for two weeks, I removed my makeup, cleaned my face with the liquid soap, applied the clarifying lotion with a cotton pad and finished by applying the moisturising gel. (I didn’t use these twice a day as it suggested because completely changing my skincare routine in one go can make my skin go a little crazy – I would recommend gradually introducing new products if you plan on changing!) 


After about a week of following the 3-step routine, I was VERY impressed. I’ve never seen such a dramatic change in my skin so quickly after trying out new products! The facial soap feels so smooth on my skin and is really nice to apply – you simply dispense a small amount into your hand, wet it and rub your hands together to create a foamy soap (which you then rub all over your skin).

The clarifying lotion does have quite a strong alcohol-type smell to it but as long as you avoid the eye area you’re fine with this. I applied it with a cotton pad and, even after double-cleansing, it still removed the final traces of dirt on my face.

Finally, the moisturiser is nice and light (I don’t like thick formulas) and dries nice and quickly so you can head straight to bed after spending a good amount of time on your skincare steps. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, healthy and hydrated.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone based on the fact it can be tailored to suit every skin type and it genuinely works. Any blemishes I had before using it have now gone and no more have appeared since. This introduction kit is only £20 which is an insane price. It’s a great idea to try small sized so that you can get a taster as to how they work for you before splashing out on the full sizes. These full sizes total £53.50 minimum so you’re getting a crazy bargain.

3 Garnier micellar water sensitive skin


I use this cleansing water every day, twice a day, without fail before beginning my skincare routine. It removes makeup better than any other micellar water I’ve tried and is so gentle on my eye area. Although I don’t have super sensitive skin, I always buy this version because I find a lot of micellar waters can feel/smell quite alcoholic and I’m not a fan of that. This water has absolutely no fragrance to it!

I always keep a full sized bottle on my dresser to use each morning/evening as well as a travel sized version to take with me when I stay away from home (because the full sized bottle is pretty huge).  On days where I’m SUPER lazy and don’t have the time or effort to follow my skincare routine before going to bed (usually after a late night out etc), I still always use Garnier’s micellar water to at least remove my makeup because it does a really good job.

I felt I had to mention it in my March Favourites because it’s something I couldn’t be without and would suit any skin type. It’s so easy to use, meaning even the laziest person doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort to clean their skin. It’s also pretty cheap compared to other skincare brands: you can find this in your local drugstore/supermarket for around £7 which is a great price for a huge bottle.


1 Jacqueline de Yong white jumper


I had been waiting for this jumper to come back into stock in my size for a long time and it finally did this month. It is wonderfully soft and comfortable to wear, and fits perfectly into my wardrobe.

The sleeves are gorgeous and create such a feminine, classy look even when the jumper is worn with casual jeans. It’s a bold white colour which I was very pleased with, because I do find that a lot of white jumpers I buy end up being an off-white colour or not a bright white. Which sucks.

As well as how lovely this jumper looks when worn with both trousers and a skirt, the main selling point has got to be the price. This was £16. FULL PRICE. I could not believe how cheap this was and was adamant the quality was going to be awful. How wrong was I? It’s a beautiful quality which looks exactly like the image online and I even went and bought one for my Mum too, who loves it as much as I do.

2 ASOS double-breasted pink skirt


Although I featured this in my ASOS Haul post a while ago, I’ve been wearing this skirt a lot this month. It is absolutely gorgeous and fits me so well!

It is the perfect formal, girly piece to have in both your everyday and work wardrobe and it’s quite versatile. Thanks to the black buttons, you can wear it with most colours and also with either nude or black tights (or none!) which you can’t always do with skirts. It’s a thick material and doesn’t show through at all, and is high-waisted whilst not being too short at the back.


I’ve paired it with my JDY jumper and I think it makes a gorgeous outfit.

Again, the price of this skirt doesn’t break the bank. ASOS’ price is £25 which I think is pretty reasonable. You can also buy this skirt in a light grey colour if you don’t want to stand out in pink (I could never fault pink but I know it’s not a colour for everyone!).

Accessories Favourites

1 Paul Costelloe purse 


If you follow my blog posts, you’ll know that I actually featured a purse in my What’s in my Bag? post quite recently. Being typical Lyndsey, I ended up buying yet another purse this month and I’ve fallen in love with it. How gorgeous is it?!

Paul Costelloe is a family-run brand based in London which specialises in leather products. They make the most beautiful purses, bags and shoes and I could not resist buying this when I saw it.


The inside is just as beautiful as the outside and it really looks like a high-quality item, worthy of it’s price tag. It’s the perfect purse for those who like to carry the essentials – credit/debit cards, driving license and the odd few loyalty cards. There’s a zipper for your loose change and a little pocket behind one of the card walls to put any extra receipts etc.

Although this purse isn’t available online, there are many similar designs available and they’re also ALL on sale right now! Scroll to the bottom of this post to find a link directly to the page. This beauty was £80 however the purses currently available are reduced down to as little as £19.99!

2 Ted Baker iPhone 8 case 


In looooooove. When I first bought my iPhone 8 I was so in love with the blush gold colour that I refused to buy a case for it. I eventually realised it was too precious to risk any damage (iPhones are not cheap nowadays) and decided I should go about finding a case that was just as beautiful.

I spotted this phone case when I was out shopping and fell in love with it instantly. It has the most beautiful floral design across it and is an ideal material. It’s grippy enough to avoid sliding across surfaces, but also not too grippy that it’s impossible to get into your pocket.

The metallic Ted Baker logo gives it such a high-end, high-quality look that it fits wonderfully with the appearance of my phone. These cases aren’t the cheapest but do you get what you pay for. This case was actually on sale and I bought it for £12.99 which was less than half the original price!

3 Ted Baker pink tote shopper


I am obsessed with this beauty. You will have seen this bag plastered all over my Twitter and Instagram recently as it’s a brand new purchase and my favourite thing of the month.

The bag has a gorgeous, simple design to it which features the Ted Baker name/logo and a statement bow. The pink shade is stunning and works so well with so many of my outfits. Although you can buy a smaller version of this bag, I opted for the larger size because I usually carry quite a few items with me when I’m out and about. This bag is big enough for the essentials and fits comfortably inside your elbow or (just about) on your shoulder.


Buying it in pink was a no-brainer for me but it does also come in some other lovely colours which I’d recommend you have a look at. I’ll probably end up buying another for when my outfit is already looking very pink and the handbag may be a little much. I’m a little Ted Baker obsessed…

You can pick up this bag for £40 or find the smaller size for £30 ♥

That finalises my favourite items for this month! I hope you loved reading and falling in love with the items I mentioned just as much as I did – do comment below if there have been any stand-out items you’ve bought during March that you’d love to shout about. I love finding new things!

Do go ahead and follow my blog to ensure you never miss another one of my posts. I have some exciting ideas to share with you all very soon, including wishlists and drugstore/high street buys! You can also find links to my Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages on the ‘Find me Online’ tab at the very top of my site.


Lyndsey ♥

Products mentioned in this post:
Too Faced lip injection extreme
Clinique 3-Step kit
ASOS pink skirt
JDY white jumper
Garnier micellar cleansing water 
Paul Costelloe (purses) 
Ted Baker phone case (similar) 
Ted Baker pink tote shopper


All images used in this post were taken by/created by me. All opinions are my own and all items were purchased by me, unless otherwise stated. Any affiliate links in this post are marked with a ‘*’. To read my full disclaimer, visit the ‘About Me’ tab at the top of my site.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try the too faced lip injection but I haven’t had a chance yet, I also don’t hear much about it ever so I’m glad to hear it was in your favourites!
    The skirt and clutch are both really cute!! xx Cleia

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