My Top 10 Beauty Hacks: to save time, money and effort!

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I decided it would be a great idea to share my favourite tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years that have helped me to save time, money and effort on my beauty routines! Some of these hacks I use everyday, because I don’t always have a lot of time for a face full of makeup before work each morning. It’s got to be done quickly and efficiently!

Do feel free to comment at the bottom of the post if you’ve tried any of these hacks, or if you have some you’d recommend! I love finding ways to improve everyday beauty life ♥

  1. Perfume Pods are perfect for handbags! 


Not only can bottles of perfume take up a lot of space in your handbag, you also run the risk of them shattering or being damaged! If you like to spend money on pricier perfume like I do (look out for my perfume collection post coming soon!), you may not want to leave an expensive bottle rolling around in a bag all day banging against keys/pens etc.

Behold, Perfume Pods! These little capsules are perfect for keeping in handbags (and travelling!) because they’re so small, yet they can hold up to 65 sprays of perfume each fill. You can put any perfume in this atomizer – simply fill it up at home and throw it into your bag (it’s also shatterproof)!

I actually have one of these in my drawer at work as well as my handbag, because I can give myself a quick subtle spritz halfway through the day and then pop it away again. If I could, I would have these pods everywhere. They’re so useful and do last quite some time – each fill can last me up to 2 weeks!

Click here to find a Perfume Pod to call your own – they come in a range of colours! Of course, mine are all pink.

2. Avoid crazy knots after showering!

Although my hair is quite fine and straight, I do still use this hack every time I shower because knotted hair is the absolute worst! Tugging a brush through knotted wet hair can actually do a fair amount of damage and pull out weakened strands of hair.

After shampooing and applying conditioner to my hair, I like to leave it in whilst I wash the rest of my body. Once all washed, I grab a hairbrush or comb and brush through my hair. Thanks to the conditioner, it’s pretty easy to brush through and any loose bits of hair will fall out (but not as much as if you brush afterwards!). My hair instantly becomes smooth and silky as I wash out the conditioner. It really feels heavenly.

By brushing your hair in the shower, you’ll find it so much easier to tame your hair before you dry it. For those who have curly or unruly hair, I’m sure this trick will work even better for you than it does me!

I currently use the Aussie miracle shine range for my hair, as it makes my hair so much easier to untangle, even without using a brush in the shower! You can read more about Aussie in my February Favourites.

3. How to set your nail varnish quickly

I love having salon-painted nails but recently I’ve been trying to do them myself at home, to save money and also to keep them healthier. Having acrylic nails or shellac varnish on all of the time can really do some damage (both to your nails and your bank account).

So, when I do paint my own nails, I usually don’t have half an hour to sit around waiting for them to dry smudge-free. My ultimate tip for drying your polish quickly is to place your fingers into a bowl of ice cold water for a few minutes! The cold water causes your freshly painted nails to harden and set much more quickly, so that you can get up and go about your day! It’s a really useful trick to use both in the mornings and evenings when you don’t have much time to spare but want a gorgeous set of nails!

4. How to keep your under-eye concealer looking great

Rather than applying my concealer in a curve under my eye, I like to apply it in downward strokes to create an upside-down triangle. I use this hack every single time I do my makeup routine, because my concealer blends very well with my foundation and looks much more natural. It also adds more of a healthy-looking glow to my face because it doesn’t just brighten the under-eye area, but my cheekbone and upper cheek. It draws the attention upward towards my eyes!

In the past I often found that, after applying my concealer under my eyes in a curved shape, there would be a contrast between the colour of my foundation and the colour of my under-eyes. It was obvious that I’d applied a full coverage of concealer to my face. However, by using this triangular technique, I have found that it creates an ombre-like effect and looks much more natural and blended.

My current favourite under-eye concealer is the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer, which you can also find in my February Favourites.

5. Heat your eyelash curler to prolong the curl

I find that this trick in particular makes such a difference to my beauty routine. Before applying mascara, I always like to curl my lashes with a curler because it creates much more volume and makes my lashes look longer.

When I use my curlers, I heat them with my hairdryer to warm them up. You might have noticed that there are many more heated eyelash curlers out on the market now, which claim to keep your lashes curled for longer. This hack is simply a cheaper way to do it! When the curlers have cooled down a little (be careful not to burn yourself!) I then go ahead and curl my lashes as usual, before applying mascara. I’ve found that this extra step in my routine is noticeable for hours after I leave the house!

6. How to prolong the scent of your perfumeBE1C4F8E-F2D9-40D5-9BB2-840E51502EFB

As mentioned above, I like to spend the extra pennies on perfumes that I absolutely love, so I was desperate to find a way to keep the smell present for as long as possible. I wanted to stay feeling fresh and lovely-smelling without having to spend all day topping up with more product.

Before spraying my perfume onto my wrists and neck in the morning, I like to apply a very thin layer of Vaseline to my skin. Vaseline is occlusive, meaning it will hold the scent on your pulse points much longer than if you simply applied it directly.

7. How to keep your hair looking curly all day

I’m very lucky to be graced with easy-to-curl hair which holds its shape for at least 48 hours before falling flat. However, we are not all the same and I know that so many people struggle to hold the shape of their hair! After spending so long creating a gorgeous look, it’s such a frustration watching it loosen and fall out after a short space of time.

When I curl my hair, I make sure to pin up each piece as I go. I gently fold the curl up with my hand and fasten it on my head with a little bobby pin/grip. This means that the hair is completely wound up as it cools down. After I’ve pinned every curl up, I allow my hair to cool as much as possible and then apply a coat of hairspray to my funny-looking hairstyle. I can then release each curl and feel confident that they will hold their shape for as long as possible.

8. How to create a blushed look that isn’t OTT

I love having a slightly blushed look on my face because I’m naturally quite pale. I feel as though a bit of extra colour makes me look much more healthy and natural. Saying that, it’s very easy for me to go overboard on blush and completely ruin my fresh face of makeup.

7B411469-BB0D-4C6F-B287-3E32FB88F4B4My tip for avoiding this is to apply your blush before your foundation. This creates a much more subtle colour and blends really nicely with foundation, be it liquid or powder.

If I’m aiming for a natural look for work then I always choose this method using my Laqa & Co. blush highlighter, as featured in my March Birchbox review. The product creates a bold pink on my cheeks but it’s hugely toned down once I’ve applied my foundation and creates a gorgeous peachy glow.

9. Stop makeup powders breaking up in your bag

Opening your makeup travel bag to find that your powder has broken up or smashed is the most heartbreaking feeling. I travel frequently between my house and my boyfriend’s house, so I’ve always got to throw my essential makeup items into a makeup bag.

To avoid this happening, I pop a cotton pad or ball inside the case of my makeup, so that there is a soft protective layer between the delicate product and the hard casing that it sits inside. This means that when my products are moving around in my makeup bag and hit each other, the products are much less likely to smash and break my lil heart.

Cotton pads/balls are super cheap to buy so you don’t have to break the bank to protect your much-loved makeup. You can pick up a bulk pack almost anywhere for around £1 or less.

10. Hold your brows in place without wax or gel

Having quite thin eyebrows, I find that applying a wax or gel to shape them doesn’t work out all too well. They end up looking wet and oily or they look too separated and I end up with even bigger gaps to fill.

To solve this issue (and perhaps an issue where you find yourself without your trusty gel or wax), I like to spray a small amount of hairspray onto my eyebrow spoolie before or after applying my product. This allows them to hold their shape without ruining my look and definitely saves time, too. After all, hairspray is made for hair!

My current favourite eyebrow products are the NYX brow powder (which I apply using my Sigma angled brush) and the Benefit Goof-Proof brow pencil.

That sums up my top 10 beauty hacks! I use all of these hacks often and they’ve definitely benefited me.

I’d love to hear all about your own beauty hacks and how you save yourself time and money to create a fabulous look! Comment below and don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed my own tips and tricks.

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All pictures in this post are either taken by myself and belong to me, or are taken from online sites (perfume pod/google). No links provided are affiliate unless otherwise stated.

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