BIRCHBOX Beauty Review: March 2018

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I hope you’re all having a great weekend, and a great St Patrick’s Day if you’re celebrating! I’ve certainly had a great time testing out the products I received in my latest Birchbox; I love being able to test out samples of items I love for a fraction of the price! Do have a read of my first February Birchbox review for more information about the monthly scheme.


I thought the box design this month was super pretty and fit really well with the ‘self-care’ theme. It’s a relaxing combination of blue tones with a lovely white mandala print. I’ve really improved my beauty/skincare storage thanks to Birchbox because the boxes are just too pretty to throw away! They’re super practical.

I was very keen to try out the products in this month’s box because they all seemed very well suited to the preferences I had created in my beauty profile. I knew in advance that the Benefit BADGal BANG! Mascara would be included in every box (which I was very excited about as I own both the ‘They’re Real’ and ‘Roller Lash’ mascaras) but I was also pleased to see the others. I’m always open to trying sleep aid products as I do find it difficult settling down at night and I’ve been desperate to try a charcoal face mask for a while, too.

Each product I review will be linked at the bottom of the post, as normal, so that you can find them yourselves to purchase! You can also click here to open the Birchbox website and have a look around.

  1. Blaq Charcoal face mask £14


I’ve tried many face masks in my time that claim to ‘unclog pores’ and ‘remove blackheads’ so I didn’t allow myself to have high expectations for this. Blaq is a brand I’d seen on social media a number of times but I’d never gotten around to testing out any of their products.

They specialise in charcoal skincare and are a completely cruelty-free brand (which is always a big bonus). Their specialised products contain natural ingredients which is what interested me in their charcoal mask – I have quite sensitive skin so hoped that this mean it would be kind on my face. I cleansed my face before application to ensure there was no dirt or leftover makeup in the way and rinsed with a warm cloth so that my pores were open, ready to be ‘unclogged’!

AC9F9ED7-DBE6-4D86-B69C-77DC724B2AAFAfter applying a generous load of (very black) product I left it to dry for 15 minutes. I would definitely suggest avoiding your delicate under-eye area and eyebrows with this, as it pulls quite a bit.

After removing the mask (ouch) I did notice quite a lot of dirt on the mask – although it hadn’t completely removed all the dirt from my pores it had definitely drawn the dirt to the surface as I could quite literally see it (gross…)! This was a great opportunity for me to then lightly exfoliate my face with a scrub to get rid of the dirt sitting on my skin. After clearing my face of all products and checking my reflection, I did notice my skin had gone very red and I had a minor burning sensation across my forehead where the mask had been. I therefore wouldn’t recommend it if you have super sensitive skin, as it’ll probably hurt quite a bit afterwards.

I finished off with my Clinique thirst relief moisturiser and after a while my face calmed down. *I’m writing this a couple of hours afterward and I really do notice a difference – it feels much smoother, particularly when I run my finger up my nose and chin!*

Would I purchase this? The sample is probably enough for 3 masks so this will last me quite some time, but based on this first application I think I would purchase it!

2. Benefit BADGal BANG! Lash mascara £21.50


I had been eyeing up this mascara almost as soon as it came out because I’m such a fan of Benefit’s other mascaras. I’m glad I held off because it was announced well in advance that this sample would be in this month’s Birchbox! I was so excited.

This mascara’s selling point was the huge volume you could create on your lashes. I would definitely say this does create a more volumised look compared to my other mascaras so it does achieve this claim. This is massively helped by the brush head – it’s pretty big and is able to reach all of your lashes really well!

96FB8922-B91F-4436-ABEA-3071660BE596My only downside to this product is that the formula is very ‘wet’. I personally prefer having separated, lengthened lashes that look volumised but still natural. As I applied this mascara I realised quickly that my lashes were sticking together due to the wetness and, as I tried to wiggle the brush and separate them, it made things worse.

So, if you like big, bold, black lashes then this is certainly a product you should try out as it will do a very good job. The mini size is also surprisingly handy because you can get right up close and have a steadier hand. However, I don’t think this mascara in particular suits my preferences and I’m going to stick to the curling and lengthening Benefit versions.

Would I purchase this? I’ll probably use the sample up slowly for when I’m out at night and want a bolder look, but I don’t think I’ll go on to purchase it again, simply because it’s not quite my kind of product. Well done to Benefit, though, because it is still a GREAT mascara.

3. this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray £1889732571-030F-44FD-9CE1-FDCFE07ADC84

Again, this is a brand I’d been eyeing up for quite some time. I’d heard great reviews about their products and I was very excited to receive one of them in my Birchbox.

Oh gosh. I have quite literally used this spray every day since I received the box at the beginning of the month. The scent is a gorgeous lavender and camomile mix and is perfect for relaxation. I added two or three sprays across both of my pillows and, I have to be honest, I don’t even remember how long it took me to fall asleep. So it must have been pretty fast.

Not only that, I woke up feeling much more refreshed than the previous few days. Some people (including my boyfriend) believe these things don’t work but personally I have noticed a big difference in my ability to fall asleep and how I feel waking up the morning after (if it’s naturally). Next time I sleep at my boyfriend’s house I plan on testing it out on him, too.

Would I purchase this? Absolutely, without a doubt. It’s a little pricey just for a sleep spray but it seems to do the job very well and has improved my sleep. I’m tempted to test out thisworks’ other products, too!

4. Beauty Protector protect & volume spray £21.50

B386B0C8-8064-41A5-B478-F74C8649C972I say this about most hair sprays, but I was unsure about using this product because my hair easily gets oily as soon as I put something on it after washing/drying/styling it. However, I did give this a go!

I applied a few sprays of this onto my hair before blow drying it, from a fair distance. It smelt pretty nice! Once dry, I did notice that my hair had a big more ‘life’ to it than it usually does. The main difference I noticed was that the volume in my hair straight after blow drying remained there a bit longer than normal. When I left my office for lunch, I noticed that it still had a nice bit of bounce still in it. This meant that I wasn’t running my hand through my hair to bounce it up as often and therefore it didn’t become quite so oily by the end of the day.

Would I purchase this? I’m undecided right now. This isn’t something I would add into my hair routine every day but I’d use this for days when I know I’m going to be out until late evening and need my hair to stay fresh and volumised. I think I’ll use the sample up but perhaps not purchase a full sized bottle.

5. Laqa & Co. blush highlighter£12


Laqa & Co isn’t a brand that I’d actually heard of before, so I wasn’t sure what the quality of this product would be like. It claims to be a blush and highlighter and I received it in the shade peacher’s daughter. I thought the packaging looked a little cheap but, after seeing the full sized packaging online, it does look lovely! It’s a beautiful gold case with a geometric pattern and logo on the front.

I applied some of this product with my fingertip and was pleased to see that it was nice and creamy. I blended it in where I would usually apply my blusher and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked!


It was a really pretty pink that worked wonderfully with my light skin colour and I really loved the shimmer it contained as well! I wouldn’t use it for highlight specifically but definitely as a blush.

It created a great highlighted healthy colour and I think this would work well with a peachy pink lipstick. Although I didn’t think I’d like this product, I’m definitely going to be using it often.

Would I purchase this? I think this sample will last me a little while but I’ll probably end up purchasing the full sized version! I’d recommend this for light-medium skin tones.

That wraps up my March Birchbox! As you can tell I’m really impressed with the products I received this time, and there will definitely be a purchase here and there. I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews as much as I loved testing all of the products! Do give this post a like if you did.

I’d love to know what everyone else received in their Birchboxes, or if anyone else has tried and loves the products I tried! Also, please do comment below if there is a particular post you would like to see on my blog in the near future. As always, feel free to follow me so that you never miss another post!


Lyndsey ♥


Items mentioned in my post:
Blaq charcoal mask
Benefit BADGal BANG! mascara*
thisworks pillow spray
Laqa & Co blush highlighter
Beauty Protector volume spray
All images used in this post are my own and were taken by myself. All links provided are not affiliate links unless marked with *.

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