My Spring Wardrobe picks (on a sale-only budget!)

♥ Happy Thursday! ♥

I feel as though this week truly has marked the beginning of Spring: the sun is out, the temperatures are finally above 10 Celsius and the daffodils in my front garden are starting to flower!

So, for today’s post I’ve teamed together two super exciting things: SPRING and SALES!! I’ve searched the current sales for Spring fashion items and accessories which fit perfectly into my favourite current trends, such as pastels, transparency and floral prints. Some of the pieces I picked also incorporated one, two or even three different popular trends!

As always, I will add links for each item I mention at the bottom of the post, so that you can find them yourselves. Remember not to hang around – sale items sell fast, particularly these beauties!

Pastel Colours

No matter what time of year, pastel colours are my absolute favourite. I think they’re so feminine and can also look lovely paired together. I don’t feel as though they will ever go out of style, but they’re definitely one of the prominent trends this Spring.

dorothy perkins blue coat 59-37

This pastel blue coat from Dorothy Perkins is so gorgeous! The design is very similar to my favourite pink Topshop coat (as shown in my February Favourites post). It’s double breasted, which is also trending right now, with subtle pockets and a smart collar.

The coat is a perfect pastel to wear during Spring because it will brighten up even the dullest of outfits. It’s super versatile so can be worn with both black and other pastels. I would wear this with a white dress, or a white turtleneck and a pale pink skirt.

It’s currently reduced from £59 to £37, so it’s affordable for a great quality piece!

pink topshop jeans 40-25

These dusty pink slim trousers from Topshop are also a versatile piece to add to your Spring wardrobe, for a great price. If it’s a little too cold outside for bare legs, some pretty pastel trousers are a perfect alternative! They would look really great with a white polo neck tucked in, or a loose, sheer/lace white t-shirt.

I used to shop for pale coloured jeans all the time when I was younger, but change my mind at the last minute because I didn’t feel confident enough to stand out in a brighter colour. Over the years I’ve really pushed myself to embrace the style/colour palette I like and admit that sometimes standing out amongst a black and grey crowd feels great. These jeans are so gorgeous and are a great way to bring some life and colour into your wardrobe, ready for Spring.

These are currently reduced from £40 to £25 ♥

topshop bag 27-10This shoulder bag, also from Topshop, is so stunning! It’s actually a mix of multiple current trends, such as pastel colours, embroidery and pearl details. The embroidered design itself also screams Spring, what with the flowers and little birds.

This bag is perfect for adding a statement piece to a perhaps simple outfit. If you find yourself stuck with block colours or plain designs, this is a great accessory to bring your look to life. The gold chain and front clasp create the finishing formal touch, in my opinion. Although I usually prefer silver to gold, I think in this instance it works brilliantly with the pastel colours.

The bag is on sale from £27 to £10, a bargain! I can’t say no to this piece, even at £27.

ted baker top 99-60My final pick (it was so hard to limit myself on the pastel items, I’m obsessed. If you’re into pastels as much as I am, feel free to ask me for my other sale finds!) was this cute little Ted Baker t-shirt in pale pink.

It’s a simple t-shirt which can easily be worn with both trousers and skirts, and the pretty black bow around the high neckline creates a more formal, feminine vibe. Therefore this piece can definitely be dressed up or down.

This pastel pink t-shirt is currently in Ted Baker’s outlet for £60, reduced from £99!




DE586B8C-9085-4F67-ACD6-13B4D1BADE6FThis is also a current trend which I think will continue into Summer as well. I absolutely love embroidered pieces because the detail adds statement to a simple item or outfit. It’s a perfect way to add a splash of colour to an outfit, too.

My embroidered black ankle boots (also featured in my February Favourites post) began the start of my collection and I’d really like to purchase some pretty bags next.


asos bag 30-12This yellow shoulder bag from Asos is the definition of Spring in my opinion!

The bright pale colour is yet another current fashion trend (or the ‘Crayola’ trend as I’ve noticed it being called) and I think it’s the perfect colour to add to your wardrobe ready for this season. It’s such a happy, sunny colour and will bring any outfit to life.

The embroidery features pretty plants and a little ladybird in the corner (which is super cute). I find that it tones down the brightly coloured base of the bag, making it much more wearable with everyday outfits. I also really love the design of the bag itself – the addition of the gold ring on the front adds a great formal touch. Circles also seem to be a big trend on bags right now.

This bag is currently reduced from £30 to £12! ♥

asos white top 23-7

This white cropped top by Parisian is also an example of beautiful embroidery adding a splash of colour to an otherwise boring piece. Red doesn’t usually suit me but this is an exception, as the top is predominantly white and the embroidery has various tones of colour. The detail is so pretty!

I really love the off-shoulder design of this top, along with the loose sleeves. It seems like a lovely top to wear for when the weather warms up a little. Again, this can be worn in many different ways: with a skirt or some trousers. The fact that it’s cropped makes it really easy to style with both.

This beauty can be found for just £7, reduced from £23! It’s a no brainer.

miss selfridge boots 65-30

These gorgeous Miss Selfridge ankle boots are just irresistible! The embroidery on these shoes is much simpler than on the other items I’ve included, which makes them very easier to style. Black is known for matching just about every colour possible!

These pointed boots are in no way boring, though, because they have a lovely check print across the entire shoe, with a subtle hint of brown to add some colour. I personally think that these can be worn all year round, but they will stand out in Spring in particular thanks to the floral embroidery (I feel like I’ve said the word embroidery way too many times now…)!

These boots are reduced from £65 to £30 which is an amazing deal! These are bound to sell out fast. ♥

Sheer/Transparent Materials

I haven’t always been a fan of sheer material on clothing, but recently I’ve found some really beautiful pieces that seem to have changed my mind. Transparency has definitely been a trend for quite some time, particularly with heeled shoes and their clear straps/heels. My personal favourite sheer design is lace because it can be so pretty and feminine.

river island top 38-15This River Island lace top is a perfect example of a combination of sheer fabric and lace. I really love tops that appear to have an overlay of lace and show your skin tone through the sleeves; they look so summery! Although bright yellow, the transparency in this top tones the colour down and makes it less ‘Crayola’-like.

The feature I love most about this top is the ties on the sleeves. They add such a girly look to the top and make it much more interesting; I think having the sheer lace fabric all the way down the sleeves would be much less fun.

The top is reduced from £38 to just £15!

miss selfridge lace boots 45-15The sheer lace panels on these Miss Selfridge ankle boots are also super pretty; these are definitely shoes you should have in your Spring wardrobe. Western style boots are also beginning to come back into fashion therefore these are ideal. I really love the contrast between the pale beige and the dark wooden brown soles/heels. These can definitely be styled in many ways.

The lace ankle boots are on sale for £15, down from £45. Another great bargain.

glamorous sheer top 30-12I really like the sheer design of this Glamorous top, too. I think it’s the perfect piece to add to your Spring/Summer wardrobe because it’s light, airy and cropped. It can easily be worn with shorts, a skirt or some denim or pale trousers. I personally would pair it with my high waisted light blue jeans!

The floral detail down either side of the chest add a bit of girly colour to this and I think I’m actually tempted to buy it myself. I don’t see the sheer trend ending any time soon!

The top is currently £12 reduced from £30. You can also find the matching shorts to create a co-ord, which I also think is a gorgeous look! I wouldn’t say it was quite warm enough for me to splash out on these yet, though. Maybe a little closer to summer.


There are some really great sales online at the moment which should definitely be checked out. I don’t usually find many things I really like in sales, but whilst creating this post I found so much I wanted to buy or add to my wishlist. Most of the items I mentioned above stick to my preferred sense of style within the current Spring trends, but there is such a big range of styles available so be sure to have a look.

Saying that, I hope you loved my selection of pieces; do give this post a like if you did! I’d love to hear your opinions on my choices, or if you’ve found some other gorgeous sale items for your wardrobe this year. Comment below!

Remember to follow my blog, too, to ensure you never miss a post.


Lyndsey ♥


Items mentioned in my post:
Dorothy Perkins blue coat
Topshop pink trousers
Ted Baker pink t-shirt
Asos yellow shoulder bag
Topshop white shoulder bag (sadly unavailable but this is a similar one)
River Island yellow lace top
Parisian off shoulder top
Glamorous sheer button up top
Miss Selfridge check embroidered ankle boots
Miss Selfridge western lace ankle boots


Photos in this post are taken from Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Ted Baker, Topshop and River Island. Other photos are my own and were taken by myself. All links provided are not affiliate links unless otherwise stated.



8 thoughts on “My Spring Wardrobe picks (on a sale-only budget!)

  1. spring sales are always so much fun to go through. I want to stray away from just crop tops and wear more elegant clothing such as lace tops, embroidered jeans, etc. These are really good recommendations lyndsey

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s such a great idea and it’s one I’ve incorporated into my own wardrobe! Look out for my March Favourites post this weekend where I’ll be adding some of my favourite spring pieces 😊 thanks for reading lovely xx


  2. Loved reading this!! Pastel colours are my fave too!! Followed your blog & cant wait to read some more of your posts in the future!! Xx
    Would you mind checking out my blog?!xx

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