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February Favourites: Beauty, Body & Fashion

♥ Welcome back to my blog! ♥

I’ve been super busy this week in my new job but the sight of Spring finally appearing out of my office window seemed to keep me going (that, and many cups of tea). I love the combination of cold temperatures and bright sunshine because it gets me excited for things to come! Spring and Autumn, the transition months, are definitely my favourite months of the year. Speaking of favourites…

In this week’s post I’ll be highlighting products which I used throughout February and absolutely loved. I didn’t want to limit my post solely to beauty products because I did make a few other purchases recently that I knew I had to share with you because they’re so wonderful!

As usual, I will link each product I mention at the bottom of the post for you to find and try out!

Beauty Favourites

  1. Kiehl’s Butterstick in naturally nude

    9BBAC221-D5BF-4C24-AE21-11DD9ECAA10CThis beauty features in my February favourites because it has been an absolute life-saver during the cold weather. I have a really bad habit of picking at my lips when they get super dry and I’ve tried a few different lip balms, but none of them seem to last as long as this butterstick balm.

The packaging, for starters, is gorgeous mix of pink and rose gold (my two favourite colours) and I like to keep it in the box at all times so that the product doesn’t get any dirt/dust on from my handbag.

This butterstick comes in a small range of colours (including a clear version) but my personal preference is naturally nude. It’s a pretty nude pink colour that stays on for a good few hours whilst keeping my lips hydrated.


The balm itself (which is in-fragranced) contains coconut oil and lemon butter, two ingredients which work wonderfully to keep your lips moist and healthy. It applies very smoothly and, as you may be able to see, the stick is quite soft which makes it feel like a proper balm (whilst still looking like a lipstick) and easy to layer on!

As if it couldn’t get any better, Kiehl’s butterstick is SPF 25 which means you can use it all year round and have protection from the sun’s rays. I really couldn’t find any faults with this product at all and have been using it constantly this month.

You can pick up this lip balm for £19.50 ♥


2. Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer


I had been eyeing this concealer up for a while and finally decided to invest in the 01 light shade a few weeks ago. I really love the Bourjois blushers and lip tints so I had high expectations for this to be just as good! The packaging also had a slight influence on why I wanted to try this out (of course). My expectations paid off!

It’s probably the best concealer I’ve ever tried. As you may have read in my last post, I usually only apply concealer under my eyes and on my chin (or on any blemishes that pop up now and again) and this works perfectly!F1C9461D-0BA1-439F-8A3F-67BF032B7C69

The applicator is nice and big which allows you to cover the majority of your under eye area in just one sweep. I like to apply this using my beauty blender to ensure it blends as well as possible with my foundation.

Although a liquid concealer, it’s not too ‘wet’ and sets quickly. I’m quite sceptical when purchasing products which claim to be ‘radiating’ but this genuinely does provide a healthy glow to your face. You can get away with using this to highlight your cheek bones too, if you’re after a subtle shine. It really does brighten up the horrible purpley tones under my eyes and also keeps them hydrated!

You can purchase this Bourjois concealer for £7.99 ♥


3. Clinique High Impact mascara in black/brown 


I’d been wanting to try out a brown/black mascara for a while. I usually get my eyelashes tinted because I have very blonde lash roots and ends, but when they’re due a tint I feel as though a bold black mascara is a bit much and I can’t always cover the whole root. The black and blonde clash a little too much.

I opted for more of a brown shade so that there isn’t so much of a contrast and I can still have big fluttery lashes whilst keeping the colour looking more natural.

This Clinique mascara crept into my favourites for February because it gives me exactly the effect I want for an everyday makeup look. It creates lengthened, separated lashes with a lovely amount of volume.

D1A37F13-7756-4B4C-A2D5-11877F1C7BE6The product isn’t clumpy at all and applies easily thanks to the practical shape and size of the mascara brush.

My main reason for loving this mascara so much is because it’s one of the very few I’ve tried which don’t leave dark smudges around my eyes after a while. With many mascaras, I’ll notice a black smudge above my eye or under my lower lashes halfway through the day and I’ll then end up wiping off my concealer etc. trying to get it off quickly. This Clinique mascara leaves no such marks and dries super quickly, meaning I don’t have to worry about checking my reflection constantly.

This mascara can be bought for £19 on Clinique’s website ♥


Body Favourites

  1. Aussie Miracle Shine shampoo & conditioner

D05BB1EC-02C8-4F2D-8492-BFA88BB3ECD0I was recommend this brand by a friend and haven’t looked back since.

Although being one of the higher-priced haircare products on the high-street, I really believe it’s worth every penny (it’s usually always on a 3 for £10 offer, too).

I used the Miracle Shine range throughout February and consider it one of my absolute favourites. I find that a lot of shampoos can be harsh on my hair and leave it feeling stripped and knotted. However this shampoo is completely different and leave my hair feeling quite smooth even before the conditioner touches it!

The conditioner is so wonderful. It literally leaves my hair feeling like silk as I wash it out and makes it easy to brush after I’ve towel dried it. It definitely gives my hair a shiny boost and makes it feel healthy. These products actually include real pearls, too!

You can pick up these products for £3.99 – £5.99 each ♥


2. Hugo Boss ‘The Scent’ for Her


I’ve always been a big fan of Hugo Boss scents (both male and female) and knew I had to try this one. I was gifted this by my lovely boyfriend for our anniversary and have been absolutely loving it!

The bottle is beautiful and has a pink tint to it, which of course makes me love it. The gold lid adds a classy touch to the design and overall I’m super impressed.

I tend to wear quite floral scents and this one is very me. The top note is a combination of honeyed peach and freesia, which is why this appeals to me so much. It also has a note of osmanthus (a pretty delicate flower). I’m trying to use it sparingly because it’s quite pricey and I want to keep it for special occasions, but some days when I need a pick-me-up I just can’t resist!

Pricing for this perfume ranges from £47 – £90. ♥


3. Bondi Sands Collection (Gradual dry oil and milk moisturiser tan, light/medium foam, 1 hour express foam) 


I’ve been a Bondi Sands girl for a long time. My first investment was the Everyday Gradual tanning milk which I found super moisturising and a great way to slowly build up a natural looking tan. The dry oil is also gradual tanning, whilst the foams are instant self-tanning products.

My most recent buy was the 1-hour Express tanning foam. I purchased this almost as soon as it was released because I knew it would likely be just as good as the others I’d tried. I wasn’t disappointed!

The tan applies nicely with a tanning mitt but you’ve got to apply it quickly as it does dry quickly. You can leave it to develop 30 minutes – 2 hours depending on how intense you prefer your tan to be. I like to leave it for 1 hour as my skin tone is pretty pale and this gives me a gorgeous golden natural colour. After washing off in the shower, I air-dry and then apply the gradual tanning milk every day to maintain the colour.

77ABEB9C-9000-4D17-A20F-AA67E098A7BBI honestly cannot fault this American tanning brand – every one of their products I’ve tried has been brilliant and my next investment will definitely be the back applicator, because I am useless at tanning my back! At the moment I actually put my hairbrush inside my tanning mitt as it helps to reach further up my back, ha!

You can find the 1-Hour Express tanning foam for £18.99 ♥



Fashion Favourites

  1. Topshop faux fur collar tuck coat


I wore this Topshop coat constantly throughout February!

It is the most gorgeous shade of pink and a size 6 fits me so nicely. I usually struggle with longer coats because I’m so short but this is am ideal length. I tend to always wear coats undone but this looks just as nice done up as the bottom curves to a slight a-line shape.

The double breasted design with waist coat pockets creates a formal look, but the colour and faux fur (detachable) collar adds a very feminine touch.

12701C1F-716A-4D5C-8C34-06B440076206The material is excellent quality and feels soft and luxurious. This coat will definitely last years and, if you order it online, it even comes with a coat hanger so you can keep it in tip-top condition. It’s also nice and warm so you can get away with wearing it over a thin top (provided it’s not absolutely freezing!).

I’ve been wearing it to work over my jumpers and skirts but it can also easily be dressed down with some light blue jeans, a light coloured top and some pretty ankle boots.

This coat is priced at £65 ♥


2. Marks & Spencer floral embroidered ankle boots

DE586B8C-9085-4F67-ACD6-13B4D1BADE6FI also wanted to feature my ankle boots in this month’s favourites because I’ve been wearing them constantly with a range of outfits! The floral embroidery was irresistible and I was surprised to find these in Marks & Spencer. They’re so gorgeous!

They’re some of the comfiest ankle boots I’ve ever owned because they’re nicely cushioned inside and zip up tightly (but not too tightly!) around my feet. I can wear them all day long at work and I don’t feel that awful achey feeling when I take them off at the end of the day. The heel is a great height for everyday wear, too.

These ankle boots are also great because they’re available in half sizes, meaning there’s a size to fit everybody! I would definitely recommend these. I’ve had so many compliments! Find them for £49.50 ♥


3. Topshop peplum hem mini skirt5B7D0DB4-98EF-4089-9637-26CE6F2B9063

I spotted this skirt in Topshop early February and fell in love. I’ve never owned a skirt with a peplum style hem before but I’m really glad I found this; it’s been a great addition to my wardrobe. Although it looks a little summery, I think it’s great to wear all year round because it’s not a summery colour.

It looks lovely with a black or white coloured turtleneck tucked in and I wear this outfit to work with some ankle boots. A pretty pendant necklace (find my current everyday Ted Baker one here for £29) would finish the outfit off nicely!

54818EF9-59F6-46DB-B34E-0B1916EF802EIt’s quite a short length so I didn’t opt for the petite version for this. The regular size is perfect and I think the peplum hem is so pretty! It creates such a feminine vibe without going overboard on girly colours. I think it’s a happy medium.

The front of this skirt features a zip with a ring zip tag, which I think adds the finishing touch to this skirt. It sits nicely on my waist and isn’t too tight even when you’re sat at a desk most of the day like me.

Find this pretty little peplum skirt for £25 online or in-store ♥



4. Miss Selfridge funnel neck knitted jumper

AA0F8F17-967C-4EEB-80A4-379ECB1CB770This jumper is the softest knitted piece ever! I am a huge Miss Selfridge fan; they always have something that suits my style and always have great items in their sales (which are also regular)!

It’s a slightly cropped design and has a cosy high neck which, of course, is my favourite style. It’s also great quality and well worth the price you pay for it.

2220CB3F-9698-4FC2-9B95-7BD839114A0BIt looks really great with some jeans or tucked into or out of a pretty skirt with similar colours (the one shown here is from Topshop’s petite range). I even throw this on around the house with some comfy joggers, because it’s just so comfortable and stretchy.

I did also buy it in the light pink colour too because I love it so much! I believe you can purchase it in white, too.

You can find this piece in all three colours for £30 (however I believe the camel jumper is actually in the sale right now for an amazing £15! Grab it while it’s so cheap!). ♥


That (finally) concludes my February favourites! I had so much to share with you so apologies for the crazy length of this one, but I hope you’ll agree they were all worth showing! As always, the links to each item are at the very bottom of this post.

Please do comment below if you’ve got any thoughts on these items, or any others you think are worthy of sharing! I love to hear your thoughts on my posts. And, of course, follow my blog to never miss a post!


Lyndsey ♥


Find the products mentioned in my post here:
Kiehl’s Butterstick lip balm
Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer
Clinique High Impact mascara
Bondi Sands 1 Hour express tanning foam
BOSS for Her perfume
Aussie Miracle Shine range
Topshop pink coat
M&S embroidered ankle boots
Topshop peplum hem skirt
Miss Selfridge funnel neck jumper


All images shown in this post are taken and owned by myself. Links provided in this post are not affiliate links and do not generate me any profit.











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