BIRCHBOX Beauty Review: February 2018

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This is a special occasion, as my February Birchbox has arrived! (I only recently signed up so my box was delivered much later than most people)

Birchbox is a fantastic way to try out new or popular makeup, haircare, skincare and body products before buying the full sized version. For just £10 a month (there are always offers on for a reduced first box, though) you can receive 5 surprise items in a beautiful box through the post. Some are full sized, others are sample sizes.

Birchbox have included brands such as ecoTOOLS, Opi, Pixi, REN and Stila in the past and *spoiler alert* have confirmed that this month’s March box will include the brand new Benefit BADgal BANG! mascara. I’m really looking forward to trying this product out as I use both the ‘They’re Real!’ and ‘Roller Lash’ Benefit mascaras already.

Click here to find out all you need to know on Birchbox’s site.

February Birchbox review:


February’s Birchbox arrived very quickly through their courier service and I was super duper excited to open my very first box of samples. I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the packaging because the 70s-style design is beautiful! It’s a really useful sized box to use for personal use, too – I’m thinking I’ll store some of my accessories in this.

The box contained 5 items and I was really pleased to find that quite a few were full-sized products as well. In addition to this, I received a handy leaflet inside the ‘drawer’ which outlined every one of the products that were included in the box. It had a brief description of what each one was like, how it could be used and what the RRP was (the total price for the products inside the box was around 8x the price I paid! Amazing!).

I was keen to try out each item and see how well Birchbox had matched the available products to my preferences (you create your own beauty profile when you join the site) so I tested each one, ready to write this review.

I will leave links to each product I mention at the bottom of the post, for you to find and try out yourselves!

  1. Lord & Berry concealer pencil in Beige £12

28876180_1727544617340407_747382266_oI was unsure about this product as soon as I laid eyes upon it, purely due to the fact I’d never actually used a concealer pencil before. I’m a devoted liquid concealer girl so this was a new test for me, but I was well-ready to give it a go.

I usually apply the majority of concealer under my eyes so this is the first place I tried with the pencil. I was quite surprised at how well this product worked at masking my dark circles. It didn’t look as though it would do much whilst I was applying it, but once blended in with my fingertips I did notice that it had a good level of coverage. However, I still don’t think I’d use this product again for under my eyes as I prefer a softer application than a pencil -the skin underneath your eyes is very delicate and I don’t like applying too much pressure on it.

Although a concealer, I do think that this pencil would work well as a highlighter (if purchased in a light enough shade) due to the subtle illuminating effect and easy application.

Would I purchase this? I’m not sure I would. Despite the product appearing to conceal and blend well, I think I’ll stick to my liquid concealers due to the fact it’s normally only my undereyes I apply it to.

2. Percy & Reed finishing polish £10


I rarely use any ‘wet’ products on my dry hair because I’m terrified it’ll become oily or I’ll apply too much or it’ll stick in one place and not spread through my hair. I had a bad experience the first time I used a leave-in conditioner (I’d just finished getting ready for a night out and completely ruined my hair and had to wash it again!). But, I did decide to try it out.

I squeezed a small amount of the product onto my palm and rubbed my hands slowly together until it looked as though it had disappeared. I then ran my hands across the surface of my hair and prayed that it wouldn’t destroy my freshly-washed blow dry.

Thankfully, the polish wasn’t too greasy so I didn’t experience a big oily build-up across my hair. It did seem a little smoother than before but that was really the only effect I was able to pick up on. Some sites recommend adding a larger amount in order to add hold to your hairstyle, but I really didn’t want to overdo it.

Would I purchase this? I can see why some people may love this product due to the smoothness of my hair after I applied it, but I still don’t really have great use for it. I use a super smoothing conditioner and hair serum already so I’m not sure I need this. Therefore, I doubt I’ll purchase this.

3. COWSHED cow pat moisturising hand cream £19 (for 300ml)


I was excited to see this brand present in my Birchbox. My Mum and I have both used Cowshed products in the past so we both decided to try out this hand cream.

My first impression was uncertain – the smell is a mixture of grapefruit and coriander, which is advertised as unisex (along with the packaging). My mum seemed to like the smell but I really wasn’t liking it. I’m very into floral, fruity fragrances and this one is a little too fresh and tangy for me.

However, it’s not all about the smell. I applied a moderate amount to my hands and it rubbed in nicely. It seemed to dry pretty quickly and my hands felt smooth afterwards. I tend to use hand creams very often throughout Winter to avoid dry skin and Cowshed’s cream appeared to do the job. I wouldn’t say it was the best cream for those with very dry fingers/knuckles as it’s not an intensive treatment, but as a hand cream for normal everyday use, it’s just fine.

Would I purchase this? I do have a fair number of hand creams lined up to try due to the fact they’re normally included in gift sets I receive as presents, but once they have been used up this cream would definitely be considered. So, yes, I would purchase this hand cream! Check out the full sized bottle in the link at the bottom of this post, too – I love how practical it is!

4. The Beauty Crop eyeshadow trio £728879512_1727544580673744_642467895_o

This cute eyeshadow trio looked like a great product when I saw it! The colours (2 shimmer shades and 1 matte shade) are gorgeous ‘Latte’ shades which can be used for plenty of different looks. You could even use the matte shade as a liner.

The mini size design means that this trio is perfect for carrying in your handbag or everyday makeup bag!

It was great to discover that this product is vegan friendly and cruelty-free, too. I don’t personally look for this in every product I buy but it’s heartening to know when they are!

At first glance I wasn’t too sure how pigmented these shades would be. I swatch tested them on my skin with an eyeshadow base brush and, as I thought, they weren’t as pigmented as I’d hoped. However, when I tried testing them again with a damp brush, I did notice a big difference and was happy with how the product came out!

Would I purchase this? I think this is great for keeping in your makeup bag over the day or on a night out, to use as a top-up for your makeup. If this was available (I’m yet to check) in a pink/rose gold trio then I would definitely purchase this mini trio, yes. My only improvement would be to include a small eyeshadow brush with this product so that it can truly be a travel-dream!

5. LUSETA Coconut Milk hair mask £26

28938542_1727544550673747_1187646626_oI love the design of this packaging! I think it’s really pretty and suggests a natural, healthy product is inside.

And that is exactly true. This coconut milk cream includes a whole load of Vitamins to ensure your hair is left nourished and conditioned. It’s particularly great for dry or damaged hair so this was an ideal product for Birchbox to include for me. My hair is super fine and can become very dry at the ends.

I applied this hair mask to wet hair whilst showering and left it on for around 8-10 minutes. As I washed it out I could feel that my hair was smooth and my ends didn’t look so tangled and dry anymore. After towel drying, I could still feel the smoothness in my hair and it felt well and truly conditioned.

Would I purchase this? I think this is a great product to have if your hair is dry or colour-damaged. This only needs to be applied once a week, or when you feel you need a bit of a pick-me-up, so I’d definitely consider adding this to my collection. It seems like a lovely hair mask! I haven’t tried a huge number of masks but this seems to have a great impact on my hair and I deem it a good investment.


That completes my February Birchbox review! Hopefully I’ve given you a great insight into what some of this month’s products are like, if you’re considering purchasing them. My March review will most likely follow soon due to the fact that my February box arrived so late into the month!

Comment below if you’ve tried any of these products (or the other products that made up this month’s selection), and what you thought of them! Remember to follow my blog to ensure you never miss a post. ♥


Lyndsey ♥

Find the products mentioned in my post:

Luseta Coconut Milk hair mask

Percy & Reed flawless finishing polish

Cowshed cow pat moisturising hand cream

The Beauty Crop eyeshadow trio

Lord & Berry concealer pencil

All photos are my own and were taken by myself. All links uploaded are from online websites and are not affiliate links. I make no profit from purchases made through links

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