ASOS Haul: The good & the bad

♥ Happy Monday! ♥

I’ve been having some real Spring moments recently: it’s been super sunny and I’ve noticed the first few buds begin to flower on my lawn. However, as I edit the final pieces of this post, Spring seems to have turn around and run back into hibernation because there is literally a blizzard outside my bay window. The weather seems to have turned very cold and, although I think snow looks so pretty, I’m not a fan of going out in it and turning into Rudolph the reindeer.

Anyway, this week I began an exciting new job and realised I was in dire need of some fresh new clothes for work. I’ve set a real target for myself this year to try and avoid buying anything in black because I feel as though this colour is worn to death throughout Winter and I much prefer to stand out by wearing beautiful colours amongst the dark crowd. If I do find something lovely in a black/grey, I like to make sure it’s got a nice print rather than just a block colour.

Most of my haul is therefore clothes I picked for my work outfits, but they can be worn any time depending on the style you like to wear! I also (due to my shopping addiction and inability to say no to myself) did pick up a few extra pieces. I will link each item at the bottom of the post for you to find and purchase/save them ♥

ASOS is definitely my go-to site, unless I’m looking for something particular from a brand they don’t stock. It’s such an easy place to shop and I simply use the app on my phone and gather all my favourite pieces onto a wishlist. I can’t always buy everything I like as soon as I see it, so a wishlist is a great way to keep track of items you plan on purchasing in the future. They’re also helpful if the size you want isn’t in stock yet. The delivery process is usually quick and reliable and you can always view your order summary and track the package through Hermes.

So, let’s see what I bought!

  1. Glamorous bralet co-ord top

glamorousMy first example of a treat I thought I’d add to my basket! This bralet is absolutely my style and I may be tempted to add the matching skirt to my wardrobe in the near future. I thought it would be great to wear with some black or light blue trousers and some heels.

Although the size guides provided on ASOS are generally accurate for me, when it comes to buying other brands from the site (in this case, Glamorous), it can sometimes be tricky to know which size to buy. I ordered this top in both a size 6 and 8 due to the fact I’m usually a size 8 bust but a size 6 chest (the most frustrating thing ever) and had no idea which would be best.

When they arrived, they looked pretty much exactly how they had online which was reassuring. The back of the bralet consists of a ring-and-hook strap, like a normal bra. I don’t mind this but it was quite difficult to do them all up by myself because there’s no stretch in the material at all. It requires a fair amount of breathing in whilst you fiddle with each hook, making sure it’s going into the correct ring (there’s 5). Once done up, though, it’s a nice fit and the straps can be adjusted to suit you.

I do like the beautiful pink floral design on the silky material, but I’m not a huge fan of the all-black clasp. I feel as though it would look much better if the large clasp was the same fabric because the black, in my opinion, makes it look a little cheap.

Because of this I wouldn’t say the top was worth the £28 I paid for it, but luckily they’re currently on sale for just £12 which I’d say is a great price. I’d absolutely pay this much for it.

2. Stradivarius check shift dress
stradivarius dressI first discovered Stradivarius on a trip to Paris. When I walked into the shop I realised it was going to be a long time before I left again. The prices were incredible and a lot of the clothing was exactly my style. If I remember correctly I walked out with about 4 pairs of jeans and a bag of jumpers and tops.

I ordered this dress for work because it looked like the perfect length for me (short but not too short) and was a brilliant price. I’d usually be sceptical about a price like this because often it results in a bad-quality material or bad stitching, but I thought I’d give it a try since I’d bought items from this brand before and there were no issues!

My trust paid off and I was pleasantly surprised when I unpacked the dress!

It’s a very comfy, thick material and i’m definitely pleased with the quality. The size Small fits wonderfully across my chest and shoulders meaning it achieves a formal, fitted look perfect for work, but this is contrasted by the loose swing-style lower half which adds a girly, feminine touch.  Although grey, the check design tones the colour down and it looks gorgeous with some black sock ankle boots! A pretty silver pendant necklace is all this dress needs to complete the look.

You can find this pretty dress for just £14.99! Due to the incredible price, it’s likely this dress will be limited in stock, but it’s worth having it ready on a wishlist.

3. ASOS peg trousers with OBI tie

These trousers looked like such a gorgeous nude-pink colour not just to wear to work, but to nice occasions when it’s too cold to wear a skirt or dress. It’s VERY rare I will buy trousers or skirts that aren’t high waisted.

They’re a great price at £25 meaning you can pick up a beautiful pair of classy, all-year-round trousers without breaking the bank. The self-tie bow around the waist creates a feminine contrast to the straight tapered leg, which I love. The cropped design appeals to me because it’s easy to add a pair of ankle boots to the look during the colder months.

Unfortunately they just don’t suit me at all. Although the size 6 waist fits nicely, the length is a little too long for me meaning they don’t look cropped like the picture suggests (however this is probably due to the fact that I’m 5’4 and the model is 5’8.5). The overall fit is too baggy and not flattering on me; they would have looked gorgeous had they been more fitted.

I’m disappointed because the colour looks so lovely, but they’re definitely going to go back. Perhaps a size 4 would have been better, or a petite version. I’d say these are maybe best for someone taller than me.

4. ASOS double breasted mini skirt

This pretty nude-pink mini skirt jumped out at me the second I scrolled past it. It is GORGEOUS and my style completely. With a high neck top/jumper and some black heeled boots you can create a stunning outfit. Thanks to the black sewn-on buttons, you can also get away with wearing thin black tights underneath. The double breasted detail adds quite a flattering shape to the a-line design of the skirt and I think the wraparound style adds the finishing, formal touch. I could not resist.

*A-line skirts are ideal if you’re looking to find a mini skirt that is still formal enough for somewhere like work or an occasion. Although a small heel is great for someone like me with shorter legs, sometimes I’d prefer to wear some flat shoes and this style of skirt is the best choice. A tight fitting bodycon skirt can, I find, actually make your legs look even shorter and I’m not a big fan of midi skirts either.*

I ordered this in a size 6 and it fits perfectly around my waist. The length, again, is short but not too short meaning it’s acceptable for a work outfit. The material isn’t see-through at all but you can tell it’s not premium quality. The buttons don’t lay flat on the fabric; they do hang forward a little bit (which you can technically see on the site’s pictures… just!) and the fabric isn’t soft. It’s just your standard polyester. The skirt is also very slightly darker compared to how it looks on ASOS, but it’s still such a pretty shade of pink and I’ll definitely be keeping it. I think this might be my favourite piece from the haul!

Taking all of that into consideration, I think this skirt is priced accurately at £25. It feels as though it’ll last well and is comfy to wear! It looks beautiful paired with my Miss Selfridge light pink jumper (find it here).

5. ASOS roll neck panel jumper

whitepanelThis thin white jumper looked like exactly the type of top I needed to tuck into a skirt or some high waisted light blue jeans. I wasn’t sure what the quality of material would be like but the price was more than I’d expect so I assumed it would be fine.

Unpacked, the size 6 jumper is a great colour and looks how it does on the site, but I’m unsure about the quality. It’s thinner than I imagined and the panel detail doesn’t go the entire length around the arm which I think would have looked nicer. The sleeves are also much looser than I expected: I thought they’d be tight and fitted but they hang a little, but it’s not a major issue.

However, it is comfy and the roll-neck looks pretty with a subtle silver pendant necklace tucked underneath. My everyday necklace right now is the Ted Baker hara pendant (click here).

*I’m a huge fan of high neck tops; they’re well suited to those with a smaller chest and work well with both small and statement jewellery pieces. If you have a larger chest, a lower neckline is better suited to you because a high-neck top will draw the eye up and make your chest look lower than it really is.*

This top does look lovely with a pair of jeans as the picture above suggests, but I’m not entirely convinced it’ll last very long. I wouldn’t say this is worth the £22 I paid for it but I think I may keep it because I cannot resist a comfy roll neck!

6. Vero Moda off the shoulder crop top


This is another extra purchase I couldn’t resist buying! It was on sale for £8 (yes, EIGHT POUNDS) when I found it. The crop top is a lovely velvet material and feels good quality. I wasn’t sure how this would fit because the picture suggests it sits very low, but it’s not as low as I thought. It’s an acceptable fit and doesn’t reveal too much.

I struggled to get it on at first but I did eventually realise that there was a concealed zip up the side which makes it easier to get on (oops).

It’s comfortable to wear but the flaps that sit over the arms do have a habit of folding upward when you move your arms around too much. However, as they say, sometimes you have to suffer a little to look good! And this top is definitely worth it.

Grab this on ASOS for £22 (still an acceptable price to pay, I believe). I might even have to invest in the matching velvet trousers!

That finishes my ASOS haul! This site is a really great place to shop if you’re wanting to try out lots of different items but can’t afford to buy them all. You can use Klarna, which is a new and creative way to try your items before you actually buy them. Upon placing your order, you have 30 days to send your payment, only for the items you’ve decided to keep. Get the garments you don’t want returned and the amount will be deducted accordingly so you don’t have to pay a penny for them.

Klarna is also available on sites such as Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Schuh. It’s so useful!

Thank you so much for reading my post; please give it a like if you enjoyed the read! Every like means so much to me. Feel free to comment if you’ve tried any of these items before, or if you’ve found some gems on ASOS you think should be shared! Follow my blog to receive notifications each time I upload a new post –  I upload each week!



Find the products mentioned in my post:
Vero Moda off the shoulder top*
ASOS pink double breasted skirt*
ASOS pink OBI tie trousers*
Stradivarius check shift dress*
Glamorous pink bralet co-ord top*
ASOS white roll neck jumper*
*All photos are taken from All links uploaded are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission as a way of thanks from the brand, for generating a sale for them. These links do not affect you or how much money you pay for any product.

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