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January Favourites: Affordable skincare rescue products

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This post highlights my favourite affordable skincare products that I used almost everyday throughout January (apologies it’s a little late) and still continue to use now! I think this is such a great idea because these products are amazing value for money and, although I’m aware different products are suited to different people, they have made such a difference to my skin and should be recognised 💗

I’ll post the links to every item I mention at the bottom of this post for you to find and try out!


1. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions clearing gel 

I LOVE this! Clinique is a brand I’ve been using for years and I’ve always been able to make a purchase confident that it will do the job for me. Their website is very helpful and informative to ensure that you find the right product for your skin type and you can read many honest reviews from customers.

I actually used this clearing gel a LOT a few years ago when my skin was going through major puberty breakout stage. It is so easy and speedy to apply and lasts a long time despite the size of the bottle! I found that for my skin it worked wonders. Usually, if I get a spot/pimple in one place on my face, a few more tend to follow in the same area and it’s so frustrating!

*After noticing a build up of small blemishes on my cheeks I realised this may be to do with my bed pillows. It’s important to wash your pillow cases regularly because plenty of dirt will build up on them from your face while you sleep, particularly if you sleep with any makeup on! *

That’s why this stuff is so great. I apply a small dab before bed after cleansing to any spots or affected areas on my face and it effectively dries out and kills them off. You can also apply a thin layer of this to your entire face if you feel you’d like an all-over cleansing treatment, it’s all down to preference! No need to remove, it simply dries into your skin and I leave it on overnight. It’s really worth the money and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with blemish-prone skin.

* Do remember, during puberty especially, you will experience breakouts more often due to hormone levels. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot us girls can do about it and it’s difficult to avoid it happening. The best thing I found I could do was simply to avoid making things any worse and making sure I was clearing out my pores and preventing any other spots or blackheads from forming. *

You can find this clearing gel for £16 💗


2. Garnier PureActive Intensive exfoliating face scrub

There are a number of reasons as to why this product has made my January favourites, but the standout reason is definitely the price. It’s so affordable and you can buy this all over the high street as well as supermarkets!

Garnier’s scrub is really great for clearing out your pores and leaving your face feeling super smooth. I love waking up the following morning to find my skin feeling smoother than ever! If you’ve got unwanted blackheads or feel as though your pores are clogged and sad ( ☹️ ) then this is a really great product to try. The cream contains small micro-particles that you can really feel when you massage it into your skin. It also contains salicylic acid which is an anti-bacterial ingredient I always look for when buying facial cleansers. From years of experience with tonnes of different products, salicylic acid does wonders for clearing my skin. Although I don’t usually get big roaring spots anymore, I definitely use it for little blemishes that pop up now and again, particularly when the monthly hormones come out to play.

* When it comes to blackheads, they can be tricky things to get out. One method I use involves steaming my face. I fill a large bowl with very hot (not boiling!) water and put my face over the top, with a kitchen tea towel on top of my head to stop any of the steam escaping. This causes a mega sweat-show but more importantly opens up your pores, making it more likely that those resistant blackheads will go. After a while, I’ll then use a pore tool to remove any dirt and/or blackheads from clogged up pores. Click here to find a great tool to use! *

You can use this scrub twice daily, but I prefer to use it in the evenings a few times a week after taking off all of my makeup. After rinsing it off with warm water, I splash my face with cold water and then apply moisturiser once dry.

You can pick up a 150ml container of this for just £3.69 at Boots (they also currently have a 3 for 2 skincare offer on, so now is a great time to stock up on fresh products!)


3. Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser

This product is raved about by many people online, so I thought I’d give it a go. Although I haven’t been using it for long, it’s definitely had a nice impact on my skin so far. To gain the maximum benefit from it, you should use it twice a day without fail! As well as the bottle alone, you can purchase a starter pack like I did for just £16, which includes the carry case shown above and 2 pure cotton muslin cloths (which can be thrown into the wash with your other lights every few days).

I absolutely love this product because of its practicality. Firstly, there’s no need for rinsing. To remove the cream, you simply wet the cotton cloth with hand-hot water and use it to polish the product off of your face (make sure to rinse the cloth out after each sweep across the face, so as not to put the dirt back onto another part of your skin!). This can be really helpful, especially if you’ve already done your hair or don’t like getting watery creamy dirty products getting in your eyes when rinsing. A second reason as to why this is such a practical product is because you don’t have to remove any makeup before applying. It does it for you whilst cleansing! You can simply apply the cream onto a face of makeup and watch as it gets smeared and smudged across your face (yes, it’s not the finest of looks). It’s actually quite satisfying after a long day of maintaining your look. It’s a great cleanser for saving time if you’re wanting to get to bed and don’t have ages to spend on your night time routine.


4. Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser

Yes, I love Clinique.

This is the perfect moisturiser for those like me who suffer from patches of super-dry skin during Winter. Thanks to having generally oily skin anyway, this period of dryness just turns my skin into a combination mess. Much like the Clearing Gel, you don’t need a huge amount of product from this pot because a little bit goes a long way. I like to concentrate particularly on my nose, between my eyebrows and my cheek under the eyes because this is where my face usually becomes most dry. This Winter seems to be the harshest ever on my face; I find it difficult to even apply any makeup onto some areas of my face. So, I thought I’d spend the extra pennies and try out Clinique.

I apply this after cleansing/exfoliating in the evening, and before makeup application in the morning. After just one application I noticed a difference in the dryness around my nose and I’d absolutely recommend it. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and creates a much softer base for makeup application. It’s worth every penny in my opinion!

You can pick up a 50ml pot for around £36.


There you have it! I used all of these products frequently throughout January and will definitely be using them in the future. Feel free to comment below if you’ve discovered any similar products you think deserve recognition, or if you’ve tried any of these products! I’d love to know what you thought of them and I’m always open to trying out new products.


Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you next week! Keep an eye out, or simply follow my blog to be notified as soon as I upload a post.



Lyndsey 💗

Product links:
Clinique moisture surge
Garnier pureactive exfoliating scrub
Clinique anti-blemish clearing gel
Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser
All photos used are original and taken by myself. All links uploaded are from online websites and are not affiliate links. I make no profit from purchases made through links.

6 thoughts on “January Favourites: Affordable skincare rescue products

  1. I really enjoyed this post and now I really want to try the Liz Earl cleanser for myself – I hadn’t really looked at her products as I thought they were too expensive but actually £16 for a starter kit is pretty reasonable, especially if it works! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes I absolutely love it, mainly because it’s a ‘lazy’ cleanser (it takes your makeup off and cleanses at the same time!). I’d definitely recommend it 💗


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