2018 (ish)

 Happy new year! ♥

I know it’s technically mid-February, but this post marks the beginning of my 2018.

The start of my year didn’t go spectacularly well for me. I quit my job, spent way too long being unemployed (which spells disaster for me because of my obsession with shopping and redecorating my bedroom) and spent a good few weeks bed-bound with flu. On a positive note, though, I start my next job in just a few days and I’m super excited. 

So, I now officially begin my New Year! I plan to put a lot of my own style and personality in these blog posts so there’s no need to bore you with too many details, but I’ll cover the basics!

When it comes to style, I’m pretty girly. I spent my young childhood HATING the colour pink, much to my mum’s disappointment, but it seems as I’ve grown older it’s taken a giant place in my heart along with white. Although I love to wear pretty dresses and skirts, I do have my collection of jeans and sweaters for when it’s cold or I want to be ultra comfy.

And when it comes to beauty, I’m definitely not your aspiring make-up artist type. My eyeliner and eyeshadow application skills are horrendous and it’s rare you’ll find me with a full face of makeup. I prefer to stick to a more natural look with some foundation, concealer, mascara and lipstick/gloss/balm. My skin has a habit of changing quickly between dry and oily so I try to avoid packing too much onto it if I can!

In the crazy world we live in, I believe things are always made better when you find someone you can really relate to. My posts on this blog will always reflect my personality and style and I’m so excited to meet people just like me, and also so many people with different perspectives and tastes! I love new ideas and opinions. Every single view on my site means the world to me and I always love to receive contact, whether it’s a comment to my post or a question or simply hello!

I apologise for the length of my introduction-type blog post but I felt I should try to create a reflection of what my site will be like and who I am. Keep your eyes peeled for my next post!

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Lyndsey ♥

7 thoughts on “2018 (ish)

    1. I’m so glad someone can relate! It definitely did catch up with me. I’m all about pastels now, which is great because they’re bang on trend this year 😊 look out for my Spring trends post coming this week! X

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